Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Kidney Day Again!

No, not World Kidney Day, but a very special day nonetheless.

15 years ago today is the day one of my best friends received his second life saving donor kidney. I first met Padrin (AKA "Uncle P" to me and my boys) in 2003 when we both worked for the same company. He invited me out to celebrate Kidney Day the first year I worked there and I've been inviting him and his kidney out to celebrate ever since*. BTW, I named his kidney Squirtle that first year and it kind of stuck.

So wherever you find yourself today, give your kidneys a hug. Take them for a walk, treat them to a cranberry juice, make a donation to the Kidney Foundation or sign up to be an organ donor. And don't be shy! I know you're out there, so take a minute and drop Padrin and Squirtle your good wishes in comments. : )

Happy 15th Birthday little Squirtle! You are a big boy now, but you will always be little Squirtle to me. Thank you for everything you do for Uncle P.


- L.

*We always celebrate, but this year it won't be in person. Some years it is not, but we always find a way to make things special, even if it's just a blog post and a lot of nice wishes for my dear friend and the amazing Squirtle. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

And Just Like That... We're Back

"New puzzle smell" wasn't intended to be our last word – and in case our backyard looks a little different – it's because we moved.

Moving with young children is nothing to enter into lightly, but we survived it. And we're very happy about it all (both the move and the part where we all survived). Just imagine we all look like Nate here and that's how we all feel:

We are really happy to be here everyone!

In other news, taking pictures of my boys together proves as awkward as ever:

I have a feeling they have "plans" for this tree, but in the meantime we are here and OK and setting up in our new "little home". 

And it feels good to be back.

– L.