Thursday, January 27, 2011


It finally happened – one of the couples from the prenatal classes we took last year got brave enough to invite us all over last Saturday. And by "us all" I mean all of us – babies included. Of course there was no way to predict how it would go over with 4 sets of twins. I think we all expected a few show-downs over toys*, but there was none of that. Everyone got along famously and the only crying that occurred was due to a bad-mommy move on my part**. A good time was had by all – and thanks so much to our friends at little grovers*** for having us over.

– Hard to believe, but all the babies aren't even in this photo.

– These activity tables were a big hit!

– Like, a really big hit. Note to self: look into buying some activity tables.

– Nate surveying the scene. Just in case there's something more exciting than the activity tables.

– OK. It's not all about the activity tables. I still got a chance to show Seth a new book.

– And "hang out" with Nate.

– Until they both summarily ditched me AND the activity tables for something that was clearly even more awesome. I think Nate's expression says it all.

•   •   •   •   •

*Those activity tables were a HUGE hit with all the boys. I think Nate and Seth especially spent 90% of their time hovering over them. Except for the other 10% when Nate is clearly losing his marbles over the riding toy. 

**Bad mommy move: Nate has never met a stranger to this day, but Seth is sometimes a bit more reluctant when it comes to someone that is not mommy. In my defense, I was trying to wrangle two babies plus gear and I kind of... forgot about that. Oops. And although it's nothing two minutes (or less) of cuddles and kisses didn't cure I definitely have some residual mommy guilt. Ah, live and learn. And sometimes learn again. Sorry Seth! *sigh*

***There are more pics over at little grovers, so get on over there and check them out already.

PS. I took along my point-and-shoot camera that day (instead of my fancy camera). When I went to download the pics later that night, instead of getting a ton of cute pics, I got a "memory card error" message instead. It's extra frustrating because I can preview most of the pictures I took in teeny-tiny thumbnails on the camera, but I can't download any of them. Long story short: all the photos I've posted were very generously donated by the other 3 mommies with cameras. : )

PPS. Nate and Seth are having some teething times of late in case you were wondering what the clown cheeks were all about.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


98 is how old my Gram, Veronica, is today. 

She is mother to 7 children who survived birth, grandmother to 13. She is great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother to more than I can count at the moment. Her life is a testament to the power of the human spirit to triumph under what was at times great adversity.

When it became clear a few years ago that she would need to be moved to an assisted living facility she did so with grace, which couldn't have been easy given her independent nature. The picture at the top of this post hangs in her room and my mom penned the following words that accompany it so that those looking after her could read it and know that she hadn't always been just another elderly woman in their care.

Our Mother loved, protected and provided for all of her children unreservedly. She set before us an example of fortitude in overcoming every adversity in her life. 

She embraces life and everyone in it at their own level and is a Godly example of how to love and forgive. 

Veronica has left each of her children a legacy of love, strength, wisdom and faith to take with us and to teach our children. 

Although it's not likely my sons will ever meet her in person, they will grow up knowing her nonetheless. Her legacy is already a part of them.

Happy Birthday Gram – wishing you much joy on the anniversary of your 98th year, and every day.

With all the love in the world,

- L. (AKA Mousie)

Monday, January 17, 2011

First Sit-Down Breakfast

I've been doing two sit-down meals since the boys started solids – lunch and dinner basically. With their waking/morning nap schedule it always felt a bit too rushed to try to squeeze in anything other than a bottle, but things have changed in the past week.

Last week the Party Babies™ were waking up around 8AM and staying up partying until 9:30 most nights. They would have 2 naps – 1 mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. I have to say the 9:30 PM bedtime wasn't really working for me and I guess my guys decided a change would be good too. On Friday they jointly ditched their afternoon nap and were down for the night at 8:15. – and we haven't looked back.

Even though I no longer get a little break in the afternoon, I am liking our new routine. The boys still sleep until 8AM, have one really good nap (up to 2 hours) late morning and then go to bed around 8:15. It gives me a bit more time in the evening to unwind and get a few things done, I still get to sleep in AND there's now ample time for 3 sit-down meals a day.

Today the boys not only had their first breakfast we even tried out a new food!

Nate and Seth feasted on:

Oatmeal with Pears
Buttered Toast
Yogurt with Apple/Plum


Scrambled Eggs!

Seth really liked his eggs – a lot actually. They were a big hit!

Nate, on the other hand, was pretty suspicious of the new food and pushed the little egg bits around on his tray for a long time before he finally picked up a little egg crumb and put it in his mouth. He then made a big show out of gagging on said crumb, but I have a feeling he'll come around. For now, toast is a hit with him at least and they both like their oats and yogurt. And of course, I served Cheerios® afterward while I cleaned up.

- L.

PS. I realize that on the surface the photo I posted appears to have nothing to do with breakfast – however, their tummies are full of said breakfast in this picture. That counts, right?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

La La La La La. Book.

In the past 24 hours:

Nate has mastered a new sound, "La la la la la..." and he sticks his tongue out *so* cutely when he says it. He will often practice his new trick-du-jour while he's falling asleep so I wasn't surprised in the least that he fell asleep mid-"la" tonight. I loved listening to every minute of it.

Seth said his first real word last night, other than "mom" or "mom-mom". It was "book". He also said it a few more times today. Can you guess what we do a lot of around here? : )

And they both not only figured out how to clap their hands in the past week but clapped with enthusiasm anytime I said "clapping hands" all day. They even did a pretty good job with the timing when I sang "If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands".

- L.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Regarding Nicknames: Curly & Moe Are Officially Off The Table

In case you didn't notice it when I posted our New Years Day photos, take a moment and have a quick peek at the little curl behind Nate's ear. It's about the sweetest thing ever, and even though you can't see it in that picture he has a matching curl on the other side. I've been madly in love with both of those curls for quite some time. I have a feeling that boy is going to have the kind of hair that will leave me with a little big lump in my throat someday when it's time for his first haircut.

Genetics are a funny thing. Neither M. or I have curly hair – in fact prior to being pregnant mine was pin straight.

And I know it's too soon to cast bets on Seth because he always looks like he's sporting a standard issue marine-man crew cut.

But wait... what's this?

And this?

And also this? 


Is it possible to have two lumps in my throat at the same time? Because I have a feeling it's in my future.

- L.

PS. I love that last photo of Seth for more than just the sweet curl in his hair. He's so wiry and strong and tall, but it's that tip of the tongue sticking out that gets me. He does that a lot and when I see it I can't help myself... I want to poke it. So (clean hands permitting) I do. For what it's worth, I always give fair notice first. And you know what? He likes it. Quite a lot actually. It's kind of our thing now. : )

PPS. Yes, that is his first love in the background.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Peanut Butter: File It Under Stinkeroo

Then he got an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea. 
– Dr. Seuss 

So, uhmmm... yeah. Gamma Rita had an idea during her stay.

This is what Nate thought about that idea:

– Oooh, what's 'dis Gamma is offering to me? I hope it yummy. 

– Mmmrph. 

– My face... 

– ... is stuck. 

– Was 'dat supposed to be funny everyone? 

– What you mean would I like more? Is you nuts lady? (Pun intended everyone!) 

•   •   •   •   •

And now for Seth's take on it as well:

– Mmmrph. 

– Whatever 'dis is... 

– ... is really stinkeroo! 

– Why you let Gamma do 'dis to me, mommy? Why??? 

•   •   •   •   •

Mommy note: I'm so sorry guys. I'm just glad it wasn't my doing this time.

- L.

Thank You Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who called, sent an email or left a comment on Monday.

My perfectly ordinary day was everything I'd hoped it would be and then some because as I'm sure you can imagine a day with Nate and Seth is never truly ordinary – especially when new tricks are involved and yes, there were new tricks as well as all the old favorites. The boys did not disappoint! I think I did a pretty good job of documenting everything without the documenting itself getting in the way. I'll let you be the judge in a later post because you know there's one coming – you know, after I finish sifting through the photos and videos and try to create something coherent out of it all.

I'm still woefully behind on getting caught up on past antics so I'll let my babies entertain you in the meantime. Imminent post to follow...

- L.

Monday, January 3, 2011


40 is how old I am today.

I won't be online today. In fact, I'm not online now. I've set this up to post at 3:27 AM which is the time I was born 40 years ago. If all goes well,  I'm sound asleep when this goes live. : )

I thought long and hard about how I'd like to celebrate today – there's a lot of pressure when you reach a milestone birthday after all – and what I want most of all today is a perfectly ordinary day.

Which I may or may not mess up completely by attempting to document it all. I guess I'll let you know how it turned out in a later post.

- L.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

DIY: How To Make The Best Present EVER!!!

Yes, that's right – the best present EVER!!! is something you can make yourself at virtually no cost. Believe it or NOT!!!, you probably already have everything you need to make it in your house RIGHT NOW!!! Take a moment to collect yourself – it's very exciting after all.

Are you ready?

Step 1: Find a box with a lid. If you're feeling fancy, wrap/decorate box and lid separately. I went with some OP-style polka dots. 

Step 2: Find some dye-free paper or paper scraps. I chose plain brown kraft paper – the kind you wrap a parcel with. It's durable, but can be softened easily with crumpling. I tore 12" x 12" sheets (or thereabouts) with a ruler so there wouldn't be any sharp edges. Then I crumpled, crumpled, crumpled until the paper was nice and soft. 

Step 3: Fill box and place lid on top.

Step 4: Find unsuspecting babies and hand over the box. Grab your camera. Take lots of pictures as pandemonium ensues. Or make a video. Or both.


Oh look – here's an unsuspecting baby now...

Well, that didn't take long – now there's two unsuspecting babies! Like moths to a flame, the babies just kind of show up.

Looks like a satisfied customer!

Make that two satisfied customers! Too bad everyone's ignoring the new Fisher Price farm we bought. I really thought it would be a hit. *sigh*

Oh, thank goodness! Seth spotted the farm at last and made a beeline for it. It was money well spent after all. *whew*

Or, you know... not.

– L. 

PS. In case you missed my subtle reference, there's a video of the fun we had with Box-o-Paper™ up on our YouTube™ channel. Now get on over there!

And A Merry Christmas Too!

– Oh, 'dis nice. I think you better come check it out Seth.

– What is it Nate?
– We get a present. 'Dis very nice present. It from a great-grandma who live very far away. 

– What's a present, Nate?
– Dunno. But we get one and is nice one. 

– Is twinkly lights present too? 

– Twinkly lights is nice. Is nice like nice present. Maybe even nicer. *touch* *touch* *touch* 

– Oh yes, very nice Seth. You keep looking at twinkly lights. Pay no attentions to anything over here. I take care of it, no problem. I is selfless like that.

•   •   •   •   •

Mommy note: Yes, the boys were very spoiled by us all but I was pleased that at the end of the day toys were kept to a minimum and the bulk of their gifts came in the form of clothes, necessities, some new CDs and books. And when I say books I mean we could probably open a small lending library soon. We really scored some good reading material this Christmas and as someone who has read Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb more times than I can count on my hands, fingers AND thumbs times 100, it's nice to have some new material to work with. : )

In the words of Nate and Seth...

"Thank you everyone!"

- L.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy 2011 everyone! 

And Happy 11 months to my two best guys!

- L.