Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Mommy Report: 24 Weeks

Finally a half-decent picture of me and my bump! A few weeks ago at Thanksgiving with M's family, my future sister-in-law Karen remarked that I hadn't put on any weight in my face, so either something changed over the last 18 days or she lied.

Bless her.

My face is *so* chunky, but you know what? It's the good kind of chunky that comes with growing two big, beautiful babies and it's worth every ounce.

- L.

The Baby Report: 24 Weeks

Well, so much for updating on Mondays despite good intentions and the fact that our 24 week ultrasound appointment was actually *on* Monday. We've had a busy couple of days however and they've left me feeling pretty wiped. Good sleep last night though so this will probably be more coherent at least even though the news is a day or two late. OK, two days late.

The good news is everything is looking really great! Both babies are measuring a few days ahead and both are head down for now (and we're all hoping they stay that way). They've really grown since our last scan at 20 weeks so their cozy home has gotten a lot cozier in that there isn't as much room to maneuver anymore. The bad news is that they're too big for us to have any take-home ultrasound pics anymore — BAH! — but I'll post some of our previous ones for anyone that hasn't seen them already.

Here are the babies back in July at 8 weeks (I think this was the last pic of them where they both fit on the screen at the same time):

And here they are back in August at 12 weeks:

And a really nice image of Baby A at 20 weeks:

Unfortunately we weren't able to get a profile shot of Baby B at 20 weeks, but not for lack of trying. I think we did everything short of having me stand on my head but he was persistently facing away from the camera and/or face down so no luck.

As of Monday, both babies are approximately 1.5 lbs each and are plotting in the 65% percentile which is great. All those eggs for breakfast are really paying off I guess — although the doctor we spoke with said we could realistically expect that to decline to 40% by the time we're at term which is perfectly normal for twins. I'll keep eating those eggs though.

- L.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clothes to Grow Into

Aren't these too sweet? M's mom brought these lovely corduroy overalls back with her from her trip to Italy. They're even in our favourite neutral colour palette (goes well with redheads) and I especially love the detail on the trim. It's just enough and not too much. Thank you again Grandma J.

- L.

Our First Purchase

Since we have hardwood floors, a suitable rug for the nursery is a must-have (and our neighbors downstairs will thank us too!). After searching locally, we finally found what we wanted online. I wish more Canadian stores would step up their game when it comes to online shopping as it would have been even sweeter to not have to worry about customs, but our True Blue Rag Rug from Land of Nod should still get here with plenty of time to spare.

It's made entirely of denim (90% recycled from scrap!). I love the variegated shades of blue and that it will be easier to keep clean than a pile carpet — but mostly I'm just so excited that we're finally shopping for our babies. *sqeeeee*

- L.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome to the Oddest Prime

Welcome family and friends (and those who have found themselves here by accident or chance). This blog is for those of you who want to follow us in our journey as we get ready to welcome our twins in the new year and keep up to date with our new family once the boys have arrived.

We'll be starting to get the nursery ready over the next couple of weeks and plan to have everything completed by the time we hit 30 weeks. That's only 7 weeks away from RIGHT NOW, so prepare yourself for lots of posts as we spend ourselves into the poorhouse getting ready for our little ones (and before we're too tired to think straight).

I'll try to update at least once a week. Haven't decided on a day yet, but I will for those of you without easy access to a computer (hi mom!). Probably Monday? Sure. Let's say Monday for now.

- L.