Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Tale Of 2 Tutus

Last year, my boys went through a bit of a princess phase. They couldn't stop talking about being princesses so quicker than you can say quick, I ordered up a couple of blue tutus and Gamma Rita went on a mission to find some princess dresses.

And just as quick, the princess phase was over. In fact, it was over before either the tutus or the gowns arrived and there was no love for princess garb at the OP after that.

I mentioned that we are moving again (yes, again!), and as such I decided to do some closet cleaning in order to lighten our load. Obviously dress-up clothes that no one wants to wear were among the first things to go, but I wasn't prepared to let them sail out the door without being worn at least once.

Now I've already established that I am a Mean Mommy, so I didn't have a hard time telling my sweet boys a big fib. I told them if they really didn't want the dresses ("We don't!") that I would sell them ("Yes! Sell them!") but that I couldn't sell the dresses without a picture and that it would be best if a child was wearing the clothes so that people could see what they looked like on an actual person. This may or may not be true since the boys make excellent models, but in terms of selling the tutus, etc. it really wasn't necessary. Still, they didn't know that and so reluctantly agreed ("Well... OK. But we're not wearing them for more than two minutes!").

They did not enjoy the princess dresses at all and really were in and out of them in 2 minutes. Lots of complaints were made about how "uncomfortable" they were... "and scratchy too!". I told them being a princess was hard work and they agreed it must be if you have to wear uncomfortable, scratchy things all the time! Ha ha.

Then the tutus came out and well, that lasted a lot longer than two minutes and eventually I had to shut the party down. I am officially not allowed to "ever, ever get rid of the tutus. Do you promise, Mommy?".

Of course I promised. They had such a good time, how could I not?

- L.

• • • • • • •

The tutu party getting started:

• • • • • • •

And the two glummest princesses in the world. I think the look on Nate's face says it all.