Thursday, February 27, 2014


Waiting for DAN.
The exact moment DAN showed up.*

I'm sure at least some of you are wondering who the mystery man in my life is since I've mentioned "Dan" here and there, but Dan is not a man.

He's not even a who.

Dan is a what that started out as a why (as in why were my boys running around yelling "DAN!" half the day). It was a mystery that took at least a week to decode, but we solved it a year and some change ago.

Dan is what you get when you say "The End!" fast enough in a barely 3-year old voice (it kind of sounds like "deh-AND!", which kind of sounds like "DAN!" if you follow).

Dan was worse than "Reetins" or a lot of other things that drove everyone up the wall. We had to cover up anything digital with tape for awhile that might spell out "END" at the end to save our sanity. Maybe that's why I've always sounded a little grumpy about Dan. Sometimes we still use tape even though there is only one source of "Dan" in our new home because Nate and Seth still like to count down until the end (or "Dan") even if the timer doesn't say "END" at the end.

For posterity, there's a video.

There's also another video from last summer and since I haven't uploaded to YouTube™ in awhile – and since it was like launching a rocket into space to get both of them up there – you get what you get ("... and you don't get upset!"). The second one is a lot of "STOP!" and "GO!" and "REST!" but there are some "foights" if you look closely – none of which can even begin to describe the actual fights they have now that they are four.


- L.

*We all had a laugh that day at least.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Career Change

"Oh hi, Nate. I'm sitting here and thinking of things we could be today."
"What do you think we should be today, Seth?"
"I was thinking we could be astronauts."
"I thought we were going to be 'onstruction' workers."

"Well, we were but then I had an idea..."
"Does it include space and 'onstructions'?"

"In fact, it does. Funny you should ask. Ever heard of Space Onstruction Workers, Nate?"

"Can't say that I have, but I have a strange feeling I'm about to find out."

- L.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Fought The Branch And I Still Won!

It must look worse than it feels. Everyone is OK. Nate is fairly proud of his encounter with a branch and he also likes to run around the house shouting "I won!" when absolutely nothing is going on so there is the title.

"I won!!!"

We were going to go for a haircut this week, but I might hold off until the boo-boos heal since he looks like he's been to battle and back, proud warrior of the toboggan notwithstanding.

- L.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'll Always Keep A Plate Warm Just In Case

S: When I grow up I'm going to be an astronaut so I can fly to all the planets. Are you going to be an astronaut too, Nate?

N: I am – we can fly to all the planets!

L: Astronauts sounds really fun, but if you fly to all the planets you'll be gone for a long time and I'll miss you.

S: We will be home for dinner, Mommy.

N: Yes. We will be home for dinner.

- L.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

They said that fore-stains were "lost", but I'm not so sure. I think they've just transmogrified a little.


Either way, all the sugar you'll need today.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

- L.

Valentine's morning. The actual sugar has been put aside for after lunch
because I'm a mean Mommy that way.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

8:54 AM

Exactly 4 years old. Happy Birthday Seth!

For Seth, my last:

Four years ago at this exact time you were born.

Your favourite number is 22, which doesn't surprise me. Twos go best together after all.

At 4 you are a force to be reckoned with.

You like to dabble in hooligans and are mostly the creator of shenanigans around here. You suffer fools gladly. We butt heads sometimes. Your favourite colors are orange, white and black.

You like exactness, rules and "onstructions". You get grouchy like nothing else. You still laugh at your own jokes.

Your favourite toy is Lego. I love watching you build things.

Your preferred name most days is "Boogee", but you are sometimes still my "Baby Broccoli". We have our own song to that effect.

Lately, you've tried out "Mom" instead of "Mommy". I'm not ready for that yet. You are growing up too fast when I wish we could stop time so I could always sing you that song.

You love planets and space and putting me in jail.

You are your brother's keeper to the moon and back. And mine too.

You give a mean smooch, slobber and all.

This is just a little bit about you at four. I hope you have the happiest of happy birthdays today, Seth.

All my love,

PS. In case it wasn't clear, he's blowing kisses at the camera. Awhhh!

8:53 AM

Exactly 4 years old. Happy Birthday Nate!

For Nate, my first:

Four years ago at this exact time you were born.

Your favourite numbers are 1, 4 and 7. Or 14. Or 74. Or 417. Or any combination of those numbers. You always want to know if they are my favourite numbers too. Your favourite colour is still blue but you also like yellow and white.

At 4 you are a daredevil, a hooligan, your brother's best friend and you have a soft spot for Mommy. You know how to give a hug and when. You are concerned about how other people feel.

You wake up first and you like to play games in the morning (the ones you come up with yourself). Your brother is mostly accomodating.You are always up for games of any kind otherwise. You are a party in a box that is Nate-shaped even when the party is long over and Mommy is weary and sometimes yells. You always forgive me when I'm impatient with you. You are gregarious and kind. You play hard and love hard and call me "sweet Mommy" and give me kisses and hugs anytime (which is always the best time).

You still like Dan, but I'm glad he's not around as much.

Your favourite toy is the cash register from your Great-Grandma Edna.

Cherry flavours are still hotly contested.

You love music. The Beatles are your favourite, but Elvis is a close second and Raffi still holds some sway.

I love you to the moon and back. You give a mean hug little one.

This is just a little bit about you at four. I hope you have the happiest of happy birthdays today, Nate.

All my love,