Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dibba Day Part II (And Some New Words Too!)

Too busy eating for chats right now. You go watch my video instead.
And don't forget to have a Dibba Day everyone!

OK, sound effects might be more accurate, but we've added the following to our lexicon: 

Ba! (sounds like "Ba!". Said when asked what sound a sheep* makes.) 

Moo! (sounds like "Moo!" or sometimes "Boo!". Said most of the time when asked what sound a cow makes. Or a ghost cow I suppose.) 

Nay! (sounds like "Nay!". Occasionally said when asked what sound a horse makes.) 

*snorting noises* (sounds just like you imagine. Snorted with gusto in reference to the sound a pig makes. And usually for 10 minutes after.) 

Wee wee wee! (sounds like "Wee wee wee!". Sometimes echoed after playing "This Little Piggy Went To Market" in between the giggles.)

As for "Dibba Day" and what it means, that's anyone's guess – I think it's just Seth trying out the art of conversation – but if you'd like a second helping there's a new video up on our YouTube™ channel with a whole lot of "Dibba Day" and a dash of "Me Me Me!" thrown in for flavor. And Seth getting wise to his Mommy hiding behind the camera at the end. Enjoy!

- L.

*Roughly 50% of the time the cow, horse and pig also say "Ba!", especially if Nate and Seth aren't super alert. For some reason, I find this quite humorous.

Random Shenanigans

Just to be clear, the title of this post refers to random acts of shenanigans and not the shenanigans themselves which, I assure you, were quite deliberate.

- L.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Who else?

Who else but this guy could make eating a biscuit designed to dissolve in the mouth... 

... look like he's attempting to break rocks with his teeth instead?

Why, it's Nate – the boy with a thousand faces, of course!

And perhaps it's because these sorts of overly-emotive yet hilarious moments happen quite often, but I didn't even notice he was making a funny face until much later. I was just trying to take some cute shots of that sweet curl sticking up on top of his head.

- L.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You, Telehealth!

– Hi everyone. Is me, Seth. I realize Nate get some accolades the other day over silly dance and funny-face pictures. But just in case you is thinking Nate the only one with future in entertainment business, last night I decide spontaneously to act out pivotal scene from Exorcist movie. 

I decide 'dis after I go to bed for full dramatic effect during "light turning on" moment.

Judging from look on Mommy's face she find my performance both horrifying and believable. I give myself five stars.

– And now I give you a little smile so you know I is OK after rough night. Mommy still look a little traumatized though. 

•   •   •   •   •

Mommy note: After supper last night, Seth had a few blotchy patches around his neck and chest. I was a little concerned that he was having an allergic reaction to something he'd just eaten, but Seth – being of the fair skin and no stranger to unprovoked blotching – seemed OK otherwise (no swelling or trouble breathing for example). I decided to keep an eye on it and an hour later as I was getting him ready for bed I could see that although the blotchiness had faded some it was still there. Just to be on the safe side, I gave him a small dose of Children's Benadryl (2 ml.) and put him to bed shortly after.

30 minutes later I heard him crying, which isn't totally unusual. Seth often has a hard time settling into a deep sleep in the first hour or two after bedtime. I walked into the nursery expecting a baby that needed a little cuddle and some soothing. Instead I was met with a scene pretty much like Seth described at the top of this post.

It was one of those moments when you just have to stop, take a breath and try to form what you hope will be the best plan of attack. All I could think for the first second or two was, "where do I even start?".

Seriously, it was epic.

I'm pleased to say that my Mommy-powers kicked into high gear immediately following that thought and I had Seth tidied up, dressed in fresh pajamas and back asleep in a clean bed in under half an hour. Somewhere in there, I also made sure to check if he still had any redness and took his temperature as well. I felt surprisingly calm, cool and collected the entire time – unlike the time I most definitely lost my cool (not to mention precious Mommy cred!) by mostly falling apart during the infamous Toe Tragedy. I got my Mommy stripes back and then some.

Until after it was over of course – then (and only then) did I panic a little. Which brings me to the title of this post.

Thank you, Telehealth!

Telehealth is a free phone-in service available in Ontario that allows you to speak directly with a registered nurse for non-emergency situations. Not only that, but when you call you have the option of remaining on hold OR leaving your name and number and a nurse will call you back (I chose the latter). The service operator will even let you know approximately when that will be (in our case it was 30 minutes) so you aren't left waiting and wondering.

But wait, there's more!

If you're really lucky like I was you will get a call back from Nurse Veronica. She was not only very thorough with asking questions, but took the time to listen and respond thoughtfully to my answers. She was personable and reassuring and ended up putting my nervous-Mommy mind at ease a great deal. She even had a sense of humor.

In the end, she felt it was probably the Benadryl that upset Seth's tummy although she assured me that I did the right thing in giving it to him in the first place given the blotchy redness after supper. And then we joked a bit about the gross flavor of Children's Benadryl (bubble gum) and how that could make anyone feel worse because... what an odd choice of flavor. And even though she said it probably wasn't necessary, I still checked in on Seth every 20-30 minutes after I got off the phone and until I went to bed just in case. 

Because I'm a Mommy and that's how we roll.

And it turned out Seth was just fine and you would never have known anything out of the ordinary happened by the time we got up this morning. He was his usual self all day and even had the shenanigans to show for it.

- L.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dancing Nate Part II: The Pirate Edition

Dancing Nate returns!

Our new Fisher Price™ pirate ship plays a variety of sounds when you press the parrot's perch – everything from parrot squawks to cannon fire to seagulls and ocean waves. It also plays a rather jaunty seafaring tune. It took Nate less than 10 minutes from the time he first laid eyes on their new toy to figuring out that his favorite new dance hit would play if he just kept hitting that perch.

And of course I wouldn't be taunting you with any of this if there wasn't a new video up on our YouTube™ channel.

Highlights (other than Dancing Nate getting his groove on) include:

• Nate jumping the gun on his dance moves around the 1:14 mark, just when he was so sure he had it all figured out.

• Seth finally cracking a smile around the 2:14 mark, since he is mostly like this for the entirety of the video:

In his defense pirates are serious business everyone (of course, you should already know this), but what made him smile was me saying "Bless you and Gesundheit!" after he sneezed. Because I always say that and it always makes him smile. Not shown: me actually saying "Bless you and Gesundheit!" but trust me, that's what got the big grin. 

Now you already know that Nate is full of comedy gold and that he not only emotes well on camera but has the ability to see into your very soul. He's got at least one special skilltricks up his sleeves – and now proven dance moves too!

I'm going to go ahead and file this post under "career possibilities" since there's every reason to think I might have a future entertainer on my hands. Now go watch that video (if you haven't already) so you can mean it when you say you "knew him when".

- L.

Easter Part II: Bunnies Are Welcome After All

Nate and Seth would like you to know there's been a change of heart on the bunny front, and as such, bunnies will now be considered an integral part of Easter – as long as they are made entirely of chocolate. Sadly, one such bunny met its demise after supper last night. I did my best to keep things as humane as possible, but we all know there's only one way to eat a chocolate bunny and it's never pretty.



Off with their heads!
I was a little hesitant about a sweet so late in the day, but it was their first opportunity to try chocolate and a special occasion no less. I couldn't say no to that.

Also, I was really curious to see what their reactions would be (other than a sugar buzz). I'll just tell you right now, it was a hit – but I have to admit I was expecting messier faces when all was said and done. Seth came through a little at the end, but Nate remained surprisingly tidy. I think he took extra care to make sure every last bit ended up in his mouth and there wasn't so much as a crumb in his bib pocket when all was said and done.

•   •   •   •   •

Nate and Seth surveying the goods for the first time: 

And following a most studious analysis, their first bites: 

Some close up/aftermath shots:

I make 'dis soul patch work everyone!
Wonder if Mommy will let me keep it.

Possibly the exact moment the sugar kicked in. Be afraid.
And behold the not-so-subtle mischief in these faces: 

Clearly, chocolate is fuel for shenanigans. Thankfully, our supplies* are limited. 

- L.

*Supplies of chocolate, that is. We are always fully stocked when it comes to shenanigans. Of course.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

– Oh, hi everyone. It us. 
– I think you mean it us again everyone. You might remember us from last Easter.
– That not go so well as it turn out.
– No, it not.
– We hope for bigger things this Easter.
– We wait all year for our big moment.
– But is not to be.
– No, 'dis not our year.
– No, is not.
– You think Easter about the bunnies bringing treats.
– You think bunnies at Easter be treat enough all by themselves. But no.
– Last year we get upstaged by cute babies.
– And sad babies too.
– Yes, very cute and very sad.
Very sad, but you know what sadder than that? And not so cute?
– I bet you not guess.
– 'Dis year Easter about the Pirates. Yes, I said it everyone. Pirates. 
– Is true.
– Who ever hear of Easter Pirates?
– 'Dis definitely a new low for bunnies everywhere.
– *sigh*
– *sigh*

•   •   •   •   •

Mommy note: The REAL Easter Bunny is apparently into pirates. So without further ado, the OP is proud to present our big Easter Bunny present.

Hint: it *might* be pirate related.

And just for the record, Nate and Seth loved it almost as much as I do. : )

It's got lots of cool stuff. 

Like a cannon. 

With cannon ball. 

Of course, you aren't supposed to fire it directly at anyone due to it's awesome force. Except, it's not very forceful and I have no idea why Fisher Price put that warning on the box. Seth especially liked being fired at. Repeatedly. He found it quite funny in fact. 

– Easter Pirates is the best everyone!
– They is pretty cool I must admit. I mostly just glad it not about bunnies 'dis year. 

– I overlook the bunny photobomb in 'dis pic. Cannot say the same for Seth. He skedaddle pretty quick.

•   •   •   •   •

Mommy note II: In case you noticed something a little different about the backdrop in some of the photos, you were definitely onto something.

For the record, our bookcase with drawers currently looks like this: 

It started off with a sudden enthusiasm for the sock drawer which was sort of cute despite the sock mess 87 times a day, but quickly progressed into a finger-pinching threat of epic proportions. So, until a solution is found we are literally without our drawers – which makes sense since I really did get caught with pants down on this one.

- L.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And A "Dibba Day" To You, Baby B!

Nate and Seth have only mastered a handful of words, but they don't let that stop them when they feel like having a conversation. Nate's go-to for chats runs the gamut from la-la's to did-did's to nay-nay's. Seth, known mostly for being a man of few (but well-timed) words has been trying out a couple of new chat-phrases of his own lately. "Dibba dibba day!" is exceedingly popular, but the occasional, "Numma numma nay!" gets thrown into the mix here and there.

For reasons that aren't clear, one of the most recent words they are saying is "Baby". I know I've been pretty adamant about Nate and Seth still being my babies, but sadly it's not a word anyone really says anymore. They both adore their Dr. Suess' ABC's book though so my guess is it's come from the "B" page:

Big B, little b, what begins with B?  
Barber, baby, bubbles and a bumblebee! 

And maybe it's just extra enthusiasm because their new word is very exciting after all, but often Seth will tack on an extra "B!" at the end (a la "Bay-bee-bee!") which may or may not be toddler-speak for "bumblebee". Or maybe he just remembers his name from a long time ago.

All this to say, there's a new video on our YouTube™ channel featuring a lot of la-la's, dibba-day's and baby, baby B!

•   •   •   •   •

Our current list of words:

Book (sounds like "Booh!". This was Seth's first word said in context.)
Ball (sounds like "Bah!". This was Nate's first word said in context.)
Duck (sounds like "Dah!".)
Up (sounds like "Up!" but also sometimes "Ep!")
Apple (sounds like "Ah-poo!")
Baby (sounds like "Baby!" but also sometimes "Bay-beeeeeeeee!")
Teddy (sounds like "Teh-dah!")
Daddy (sounds like "Da-dah!")
Mommy (sounds like "Mum-mum!" but also sometimes "Maaaaam!")

- L.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Day In Pictures

No real theme, no cute conversations... just pictures. Lots of them.

Part I: These were taken at supper, not too long after Nate and Seth had a bath. I was trying to get a few good pics in particular of Nate's wild curls because they are always extra springy post-bath. And truth be told extra springy curls make me swoon a little. Don't be surprised if they have the same effect on you (especially if your name is Gamma Rita). Seth's "party in the back" is coming along nicely too.

Part II: Why yes, those are the same hoodies they sported for the first time back when they were 8 months old. Of course, they fit a little differently now and this may be the last time they wear them. I've been culling the closets and working on another box of clothes to donate* and there seem to be a lot of items like these ones that still fit, but are on the cusp of not fitting. Consider this a final hurrah. 

These pics were taken post-supper where my guys typically enjoy a Mum-Mum biscuit while I tidy up. Except I was busy taking pictures. 

And while they may outgrow their clothes, I have a feeling there are some things that will never change. Like sneaking food off your brother's tray: 

You not want this, right?

Part III: Nate and Seth don't normally hang out in Seth's crib this close to bedtime, but it was the only way I could corral them long enough to snap a few pics of them in the cute new jammies Auntie Karen bought them. You might remember Auntie Karen as someone who is already awesome since she knows her way around a pair of knitting needles as well as having some serious cake skills – turns out she is a stylish shopper too. And in case that wasn't enough already, she also knows her way around a high-five – which both my guys are quite fond of btw – and I have it on good authority she gives a pretty good cuddle too. Oh, and the boys enjoyed some homemade lemon-ricotta muffins courtesy of Auntie Karen at breakfast this morning. I feel like I could go on, but long story short... I think we'll keep her. : )

Without further ado, cute guys in cute jammies: 

I took the PJ pics in 5 minutes or less since it really was bedtime. It wasn't until I downloaded them after everyone was asleep that I noticed how much traveling Nate managed to do, while Seth remained pretty stationary and focused on his book. 

Which is surprising since he has clearly mastered the art of speed-reading. Or maybe he was just in a hurry since this was the first time his book was right-side up and I was about to dim the lights. 

•   •   •   •   •

Seriously, if there's one thing that makes both Nate and Seth happy it's a book. They love being read to, they love flipping through their board books, they can both say "book" (although it sounds more like "booh!"). As much as they both love their books though, I would have to say Seth definitely takes his "booh!" to a whole different level of seriousness, which you can probably notice in these photos alone. What can I say? He is serious about "booh!" everyone! Which is why there's a special corner in the nursery known as Seth's Library. Truth be told, it's not a new thing – it's been there for awhile.

And I know I've made this threat before, but I really need to make a point of telling more stories around here, even if they don't always come with pictures. And assuming I get around to that, apologies in advance to Gamma Rita and everyone else who lives for cute pics. Hopefully this post will tide you all over during future "lean" times.

- L.

*If you live in the GTA and have good quality infant/toddler/maternity clothing and gear (including car seats) to donate, we at the OP are big fans of the June Callwood Centre in downtown Toronto. You can check out the info on their Swap Shop here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Captain Seth

– Hi everyone. Is me, Captain Seth. I not only make this Captain thing look cool as promised, but I still manage to sit in back where is cool to sit. Only thing not cool is Nate's fingers getting in front of camera. If I wasn't busy looking cool, I probably be making this face instead. I sure you understand 'dis. Is OK. I still working on get even plan. You wait. 

In meantime, if you is going my way I give you lift. Is tight fit, but there is room in here for two if you is OK with cuddling up close. Not trying to brag, but I is good cuddler – you ask Mommy. I pretty sure she vouch for me.

- L.

Friday, April 15, 2011

And What Do We Have Here?

Why, it looks like shenanigans as usual.

– Hi everyone. Is me, Captain Nate. I is trying to figure out how to make this thing go now that we is all aboard.
– Hi everyone. Is me, Seth. I is sitting in back because everyone knows 'dis where the cool kids sit. 

– 'Dis thing still not moving and is making me cranky. I decide being Captain is stinkeroo job.
– If I was Captain it become cool job. I bring the cool.

– I not kidding around, Mommy! Put that camera down RIGHT NOW and come rescue me!
– Cool. You either has it or you don't. Now I sit here and await big promotion in 5, 4, 3, 2...

•   •   •   •   •

Mommy note: this was what everyone got up to today when I left the room for 5 minutes. It certainly beats the Penaten Caper, but I wish I would have had a camera in hand and been in the room when this shenanigan went down. I was pretty surprised they were both able to cram in there together. I'm still not sure how they managed it, but I bet I missed quite a show.

- L.

PS. No worries. Despite what the photos imply, I assure you Nate was relieved of his "Captain" duties in a most timely fashion.