Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Passes For Winter Fun At The OP

Last winter our city didn't see much snow. It was an unexpectedly balmy season and on the rare occasion that enough snow fell to collect on the ground we all happened to be sick so no one got outside to enjoy it much. 

Actually, the one time the boys did get out last year no one enjoyed it at all. Seth declared the snow to be "cold" and that was about that and it turns out he's not a whole lot more enthusiastic about the whole thing this year either – although to be fair, the snow we've had so far hasn't been much fun since it's too light and powdery to make a snowman (or even a decent snowball).

Pulling the boys around on the toboggan we bought last year (but never used) was also not a hit. Nate wouldn't get on it at all and Seth hopped off after 10 paces and declared it was "too loud".


Yesterday I picked up some discounted kid-size snow shovels thinking we could at least have some fun moving the snow around, but the fun only lasted about 5 minutes for Nate and once again Seth was nowhere to be found by the time I got the camera out:

At least he was nowhere to be found by his new shovel. I think this look sums up his feelings about winter perfectly:

– Just let me know when it's over.

In an attempt to liven things up I managed to find some snow that had been through a bit of a thaw up on the deck and set about constructing the world's most pathetic snowman: 

Nate at least pretended to look a little impressed and said "Hello Frosty!":

Seth wasn't having it though:

– One word everyone: stinkeroo.

I was just about to give up on the entire mission when I accidentally stumbled upon Seth's idea of a good time:

– Well, hello there!

Can you guess what it is?

Unfortunately the snow version tended to crumble quickly when handled, but it was a hit with everyone and the boys had me busy packing buckets to make "toilet paper" until it was well past time to come inside. 

- L.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Unlike this time last year, today turned out to be a perfectly ordinary day in all the best ways – including two toddlers who appear to be stymied by snow even though this is not the first time we've seen snow this year (because toddlers are awesome like that):

– What is this... stuff?

– It's a brave new world everyone!

We made some funny faces:

And when we weren't busy being hooligans we built things:

– Mommy not being entirely honest with you here.
– It's true we are building things, yes.

– But we never stop being hooligans.
– No. Never. I'm destroying the couch right now for example.

There was even a yummy homemade cake, thanks to Gamma Rita:

Really, it was very yummy. And messy:

Also, my boys know what to do with cake now. How perfectly ordinary is that? 

- L.

PS. I don't like telling stories out of order, but these last two pics are timely since it's my birthday after all. Seth proved a bit elusive this year when it came to taking photos over the holidays – and even though he wasn't especially thrilled by my ambush today, I at least have a picture (or two) of the two of us together:

And at least one of us was happy about it: 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's A Brown New Year!*

And a day to celebrate if for no other reason than managing to get my boys in a photo together where they are both 1.) looking at the camera and 2.) smiling with everyone in focus:

– It's a New Years Day miracle everyone!

Happy New Year! 

- L.

FYI, "brown new year" is what a toddler hears when you say, "brand new year". It's also high comedy for a couple of almost 3 year olds so I expect it won't be going away any time soon. Bet you didn't see that one coming – I know I didn't.


PS. I am woefully behind on blogging, but you can expect a few more (belated) Christmas posts in the near future.