Thursday, January 3, 2013


Unlike this time last year, today turned out to be a perfectly ordinary day in all the best ways – including two toddlers who appear to be stymied by snow even though this is not the first time we've seen snow this year (because toddlers are awesome like that):

– What is this... stuff?

– It's a brave new world everyone!

We made some funny faces:

And when we weren't busy being hooligans we built things:

– Mommy not being entirely honest with you here.
– It's true we are building things, yes.

– But we never stop being hooligans.
– No. Never. I'm destroying the couch right now for example.

There was even a yummy homemade cake, thanks to Gamma Rita:

Really, it was very yummy. And messy:

Also, my boys know what to do with cake now. How perfectly ordinary is that? 

- L.

PS. I don't like telling stories out of order, but these last two pics are timely since it's my birthday after all. Seth proved a bit elusive this year when it came to taking photos over the holidays – and even though he wasn't especially thrilled by my ambush today, I at least have a picture (or two) of the two of us together:

And at least one of us was happy about it: 

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  1. A perfectly ordinary extraordinary day with a couple of extraordinary fellas :)

    Happy Birthday, Mommy!

    - M.