Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

No tricks, just treats*. Please enjoy responsibly**. 

– Happy Hallowe'en everyone. Is me, Nate. I is engineer 'dis year except Mommy forget the train so I is either hitching a ride here or just looking cool and making gesture like the Fonz

– I hope you pick the latter everyone since you should know by now I is cool dude when it comes to 'dis Hallowe'en business. I is off now to find new ride. 

– And I find it. 

– I think about saying "All aboard!" but 'dis train only seat one and I think I is OK with that. 

• • • • • • •

– Oh hi everyone, and Happy Hallowe'en! Is me, Seth. I is also engineer this year and I is also at park. Everyone know the cuties hang out at the park so this why I here wearing 'dis getup. At first I just stand here and pose with pumpkin and wait for cuties to show up, but then I start to feel a bit silly. I start to think maybe Mommy bring us to dud park. 

– I look this way, but there is no cuties. 

– Then I look this way, but there is still no cuties. 

– That Mommy! What kind of park is 'dis, everyone? 

– I is just going to pretend cuties is looking anyway before I says farewell, because when it come to the cuties... 

– ..."have pumpkins, will travel" is what I say. Wherever you is cuties, I is going to find you. You has been warned.

• • • • • • •

*Our Hallowe'en photo shoot was generously provided by our very good friend Padrin last weekend for the whopping price of a home-cooked meal. As you may already know Padrin wields a mean camera, but after our day at the park I'd like to add that he is also a pro at helping to wrangle wayward toddlers with very different agendas.

While still taking pictures.

I definitely owe him a few more dinners.

**When I saw these pics for the first time I got more than a little watery about the eyes. Padrin, you captured everything that is physically beautiful about my babies so perfectly.

To everyone else, I realize this is an overload of cute.

It just is.

And if it is too much in one go, it's OK to take a breather.

Of course, if you're still hanging in there somehow there is one more picture and it's a treat that hasn't been seen around these parts since my babies learned how to walk.

The elusive twin pic where everyone is reasonably in focus and in the same frame at the same time: 

That Padrin, he is good.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!

- L.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Portrait of the Artists As Young Men

– Oh hi everyone! It's us. We is doing art. 

– Oh yes, hi everyone. I doing art holding onto marker backwards. 'Dis advanced technique and not for beginners...

– ... although I occasionally employ traditional methods too. 

– And in case you is wondering, blue marker IS quite tasty. 

– Blue marker is not bad, but I prefer orange marker flavors even if overall look is less impressive. 

– 'Dis what 10 minutes of art look like in the aftermaths everyone. I bet Mommy have fun cleaning 'dis up*. 

• • • • • • •

Mommy note: We've tried "doing art" a few times over the past couple of months. Nate liked it from the get-go, although I'm pretty sure the messy aspect held greater appeal than the prospect of making marks on paper. Seth mostly just sampled the pens the first couple of times and I thought maybe art just wasn't his thing, but during our last "doing art" time he finally got down to the business of putting his first marks on paper. I've had their latest endeavors hanging on the fridge all week.

Without further ado, I proudly present... the ART!

Nate's very first work of art: 

Nate's second foray into the arts (I refer to it as his blue period): 

Nate's latest work: 

And at long last, Seth's first work of art: 

When Seth decided to go for it he really went for it – when he wasn't busy sampling the orange marker that is.

• • • • • • •

*Those hands! Those HANDS!!! I was worried Nate would be walking around like that for a week, but it actually washed off quite easily. Not so easy? Washing a toddlers hands at the sink when there are so many touchable surfaces nearby. 

10 minutes of art + 30 minutes of clean up x2 messy boys = art being mainly a rainy day activity for now. And I'm talking heavy rain everyone, not intermittent showers.

- L.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


– Oh hi everyone. It's me, Seth. Mommy and me has big debate this morning and I needs you to settle score. 

– I say it perfectly reasonable to stack leftover bananas on your head when you is done with breakfast. 

– Mommy, of course, say that food belong on plates or in tummies. She has narrow viewpoint that way (like mommies often does). 

– What do you think everyone? I make cute wide-eyed face here so you say I is right, but voting is in the poll* to your left to keep things fair.

*We really hope 'dis poll thing work right this time, everyone!

- L.

Updated to add: it was a landslide victory.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Excuse Our Enthusiasm.

– Oh hi. It's us. We has leaves. 
– Our enthusiasms is palpable, everyone. 

• • • • • • •

Mommy note: It's that time of year again when the interwebs are rife with Mommy Bloggers™ posting pictures of their babies/toddlers delighting in the autumn leaves so I decided to try my hand at it once again. After last year's fiasco, you'd think I would have learned my lesson. 

But no.

Still, it's an improvement, wouldn't you say?


– L.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

A few nights ago – somewhere between supper and dessert – I turned around and saw this: 

– Oh my, everyone! What happen here? 'Dis totally unexpected.

– I sure hope the cuties isn't looking.
They probably find this irresistible and then what would I do?

It was a little bewildering, but cute. I stopped rinsing plates and took a picture. Seth seemed very pleased with himself.

I should have known it wasn't an accident right there.

Because the very next night – during the same dinner to dessert transition – I turned around and saw this: 

– Oh, look. It happen again somehow. I has nothing to do with 'dis
everyone! Is really big mystery how 'dis keeps happening.

– But if the cuties is still looking... they is mine.

I know the look on Seth's face in the last picture very well. I see it often. It's the look of shenanigans afoot.

The cuties don't stand a chance.

– L.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Men With Brooms

– Hi everyone. It's us. In case you wondering what we is doing... 
–... we is launching our first joint business venture. Is very exciting time!

– Is very exciting, but also we is professionals.
– Oh yes. We is all about top-notch service everyone. We clean your floors and bring all our own equipment too.
– And we not know word like "overkill" when it comes to basic maintenance.
– No. 'Dis is word we not know yet so you is safe. 

– We pride ourselves on quality inspection. We make sure job done right.
– Also Mommy give us glowing review. 

– Big or small, we handle it all.
– Got a job for us? Give us a call! 

– I try to wear better fitting pants next time, everyone.
– Shhh. I wave broom around some more. Maybe no one notice.

- L.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Of Love: The Pahk – Splashpad Edition

– Oh hi everyone. It's us.

– I think you mean 'dis was us. Like two months ago. Mommy a little slow with the blog then and playing catch up now.

– Good point Nate. 'Dis our first time out at the Pahk1 everyone in case you is wondering if you missing some really good fall weather*. Don't worry – is still summertime in these pics. We is in our fancy new swim trunks. Mommy and Gamma** bring us here for something called Splashpad.

– I has nervous feeling about 'dis Splashpad business so I has my wingflaps2 up.

– I too busy checking out the scene to notice. I looking for cuties3 and I already see 'dis Pahk has 'em.

– Wow. There is cuties over 'dis way too. I think I like 'dis Splashpad place.

– I has no time for cuties right now. I is put off by whole experience. I not even thinking about my blue shoes4 or noticing how I standing on Gamma's toes in them5 or showing off my Bebo6 or wondering about tricks of the camera7 right now and 'dis is saying a lot (although I lower my wingflap just a little in case the cuties is looking). 

– You thinking too much. The cuties is everywhere and I is ready to mingle. Let me at 'em.

– Er... can we go home now Mommy?

• • • • • • •

1. Since I last posted here about things my boys had learned to say, their word count has gone off the charts. That is a whole other post unto itself, but they have more than a few words that make it sound like they've just arrived directly from Boston, and are living the "No R lifestyle". Like Pahk. And Cah. And Cohn.

2. Nate's wingflaps were noteworthy right from the start (also rather spectacularly here), but took on legendary status this summer while visiting new places and experiencing new things for the first time. If he's feeling less than secure, the wingflaps are up and you can pretty much gauge his level of insecurity/upset by how far up and back they go.

3.) The cuties. *sigh* If you're female, between the ages of 7–75 and considered even remotely attractive by conventional standards Seth would like to meet you. Like, right away. He is 100% not shy if you meet the above criteria and puts on all his best moves. Moves, I might add, that are met with 100% reciprocity. Seth is both a ladies man and a chick magnet as it turns out. Consider this your warning if he sets his sights on you. Personal bias aside, he is pretty hard to resist.

4.) Shoes are very exciting and blue is very exciting. Thus, blue shoes ("BLUE SHOES!!!") are one of the most exciting things EVER. My boys line up when it's time to put on the blue shoes.

5.) This is what a Gamma's love looks like, everyone.

6.) Bebo is a term from The Belly Button Book, which I highly recommend if you have a toddler that is semi-obsessed with his belly button. Nate prefers "Button!" so we call it that too. Nate loves buttons of any kind – buttons on clothing, buttons on electronics and so forth – if it's round and can be pressed, Nate is there. Which is why it seems so fitting that he should not only be blessed with one of the most impressive outies to ever grace planet Earth, but a Touching Finger to go with it (truly a match made in Heaven).

7.) Tricks of the camera indeed. Seth looks like he's got a round little tummy in these pics. Nate almost looks like he needs a sandwich by comparison. Height/weight stats are coming, but rest assured if you are organizing a sandwich drive Seth is still your poster boy.

- L.

*If you are local, then you already know we are having amazing fall weather and swim trunks and Splashpads would not be out of line right now. However, when I started writing this post the weather was very typically fall in Ontario – sunny, but way too chilly for chillin' at the Pahk half nakey.

**Gamma Rita won this round and is officially known as Gamma once again. Personally, I thought Gabba-Ga was kind of catchy.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

And a belated Happy Canada Day too since that's when these pictures were taken. I figured today was as good a day as any to finally get around to posting them. I also figured I'd better add a disclaimer straight away in case you were wondering if the boys were shrinking. And reverse aging. And suffering from hair loss. 

Fortunately, none of the above. Nate and Seth are growing inches by the day and are turning into fine little hippies since I'm in no hurry for their first hair cut.

• • • • • • •

Last night I roasted a chicken and served it up with all the trimmings for our supper and was thinking how glad I'd be that I wouldn't have to cook today since there was plenty left over for at least another meal. And while I am glad, it didn't keep me out of the kitchen today after all.

There was the home-made chicken noodle soup to be made of course.

It was a reasonable success with the boys, but mostly they just really liked the noodles (although at least a few carrots and an occasional piece of chicken accidentally made it past their lips while they were shoveling said noodles in). I managed to get it all put together while my guys had breakfast which meant I had some idle hands at lunchtime after soup was served. For whatever reason I was in an especially domestic mood today so I decided to whip up a batch of my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

It's the first time I've made cookies for my guys. 

Actually, it's the first time I've made cookies in probably a few years so I was a little rusty. By the time the cookie sheet went into the oven the third time, I had it pretty much down again. The first 2 rounds weren't quite as nice to look at, but still yummy. 

And of course, the cookies were a hit. 

At least I thought they were. I'm not sure what's up with the face Nate is making in this picture:

Probably not the greatest lead-in before I post the recipe. If you're planning to make a batch for yourself, it's probably best if you forget you saw that. 

- L.

Printer-friendly version – as always, click to embiggen:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Is What It Looks Like...


... when skipping your nap catches up with you. Another day, another casualty. Ready to call it quits yet, guys, and just go back to your regular afternoon nap? This business with the eyes closed at suppertime really isn't getting either of us anywhere. 


- L.

Best. Video. Ever.

Oh, hi again everyone. I realize I said we were back two weeks ago and then we kind of fell off the radar again. I was working on sorting through the past two ( three?) months of photos and culling something together for a new post – which is harder than I thought it would be since there's so much catching up to do – when something unexpected appears to have happened.

I'm still somewhat in denial, but I'm pretty sure my boys are gearing up to ditch their afternoon nap. Just to be clear, they ditched their morning nap AGES ago, so I'm talking about the other one.

The one break I was still able to get during the day. The one where I could get stuff done (like blog) or maybe catch a nap myself.

That one.

It's all out the window for now. There has officially been no napping of any kind (not even of the lousy 15 minute variety) for the past 3 days.

It's too soon for this, right?

It is.

I know this.

You know this.

But trying to reason with toddlers is like...

Well, it's a lot like trying to reason with toddlers actually.

They're too tired to pull it off successfully and the cracks in their plan are showing. Seth fell asleep in the stroller late morning while we were out running errands – and you can't wake them when something like that happens. And by "can't" I don't mean "I didn't have the heart to" because I gave him a poke. I literally mean he just slept through my attempts to wake him up.

So I knew the afternoon nap was also probably not going to happen yesterday. Despite my attempts to wear everyone out, the only person I wore out was myself. At least at nap time.

Unlike Seth, Nate did not catch a nap during our morning errands. He did however, find the time to nod off as I was clearing the table after supper.


Of course, I took some pics and then woke him up. It was a little too close to bedtime not to, while simultaneously not being close enough to bedtime to actually make it bedtime. Pandemonium ensued.

Seth got in on the action too.

Oh, the cranky pants were out in full force. There was weeping. And wailing. And possibly some gnashing of teeth. It was a scene.

In the midst of it all, I made the executive decision to skip dessert (nobody cared) and whisked the boys directly off to the bath (everyone universally approved) in the hopes that it would lead to an early bedtime at the very least.

It did not of course – bedtime was pretty much regular bedtime, but...

The bath perked everyone up so much I thought it might be a good time to try to get some pics of Seth and the technicolor red cheeks he was sporting through dinner and his bath since that's sort of the other reason we fell off the radar (once again) over here.

There is a major teething situation going on.

Seth has always suffered more with teething than his brother and it's been a slow and painful road for him – but much like Nate, who got his first 10 teeth or so at regular intervals and then went on to get the rest of his teeth all at once (this was miserable btw and I would have mentioned it except we were probably having another lapse in posting at the time) – it would appear that Seth is following in his brother's footsteps.

I'm not sure I've seen drooling to this extent before and I have witnessed my fair share. And then there were those technicolor red cheeks.

So I thought I'd take some pics and this would be a short post about my woes with a sleepy Nate and a red-cheeked Seth and me mumbling some excuses about the lack of new posts.

Except Seth didn't have technicolor red cheeks by the time I showed up with the camera, but I figured I'd take some pics anyway.

At first I wasn't having much luck getting a shot of Seth. 

– Hi everyone. I is awake now!
– Oh, hi everyone. I looking for Legos! I is busy playing put-away.

Seth is a great helper by the way as well as fastidious about order in general, and since we were winding things down for the night he was busy putting the "Legos" away. For the record, Nate needs to work on this skill a little, but I have a feeling it will be a hard sell. They are shaping up rather nicely as the next generation Odd Couple. 

– I is smiling because I not looking for Legos. I has brother to do that for me.
– Sorry everyone. Very busy. No time for chats right now. 

– Still busy. I is man on the move. There is still legos to find! 

– I is admiring fruits of my labors now, but only for little bit. Legos might be all done, but 'dis room not tidy yet.

Now you might be asking yourself at this point, what does any of this have to do with the "Best. Video. Ever."? Well, nothing really, except to say some of my favorite videos of the boys are the ones where I think I'm filming one thing and then something totally unexpected and wonderful happens. This was one of those times.

At first I thought I was shooting Seth putting away the Legos. Then I thought I was filming him doing a silly little dance that we call the Bojangles. And while I did get some footage of both of those things (and will hopefully have time to post them at some point), none of this was in the making of the Best. Video. Ever.


Because what happened next was so much more awesome than any of that. The very best part happens around the 1 minute mark, but the lead-in is pretty hilarious too. Go check it out.

- L.