Friday, October 14, 2011

Men With Brooms

– Hi everyone. It's us. In case you wondering what we is doing... 
–... we is launching our first joint business venture. Is very exciting time!

– Is very exciting, but also we is professionals.
– Oh yes. We is all about top-notch service everyone. We clean your floors and bring all our own equipment too.
– And we not know word like "overkill" when it comes to basic maintenance.
– No. 'Dis is word we not know yet so you is safe. 

– We pride ourselves on quality inspection. We make sure job done right.
– Also Mommy give us glowing review. 

– Big or small, we handle it all.
– Got a job for us? Give us a call! 

– I try to wear better fitting pants next time, everyone.
– Shhh. I wave broom around some more. Maybe no one notice.

- L.

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