Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Of Love: The Pahk – Splashpad Edition

– Oh hi everyone. It's us.

– I think you mean 'dis was us. Like two months ago. Mommy a little slow with the blog then and playing catch up now.

– Good point Nate. 'Dis our first time out at the Pahk1 everyone in case you is wondering if you missing some really good fall weather*. Don't worry – is still summertime in these pics. We is in our fancy new swim trunks. Mommy and Gamma** bring us here for something called Splashpad.

– I has nervous feeling about 'dis Splashpad business so I has my wingflaps2 up.

– I too busy checking out the scene to notice. I looking for cuties3 and I already see 'dis Pahk has 'em.

– Wow. There is cuties over 'dis way too. I think I like 'dis Splashpad place.

– I has no time for cuties right now. I is put off by whole experience. I not even thinking about my blue shoes4 or noticing how I standing on Gamma's toes in them5 or showing off my Bebo6 or wondering about tricks of the camera7 right now and 'dis is saying a lot (although I lower my wingflap just a little in case the cuties is looking). 

– You thinking too much. The cuties is everywhere and I is ready to mingle. Let me at 'em.

– Er... can we go home now Mommy?

• • • • • • •

1. Since I last posted here about things my boys had learned to say, their word count has gone off the charts. That is a whole other post unto itself, but they have more than a few words that make it sound like they've just arrived directly from Boston, and are living the "No R lifestyle". Like Pahk. And Cah. And Cohn.

2. Nate's wingflaps were noteworthy right from the start (also rather spectacularly here), but took on legendary status this summer while visiting new places and experiencing new things for the first time. If he's feeling less than secure, the wingflaps are up and you can pretty much gauge his level of insecurity/upset by how far up and back they go.

3.) The cuties. *sigh* If you're female, between the ages of 7–75 and considered even remotely attractive by conventional standards Seth would like to meet you. Like, right away. He is 100% not shy if you meet the above criteria and puts on all his best moves. Moves, I might add, that are met with 100% reciprocity. Seth is both a ladies man and a chick magnet as it turns out. Consider this your warning if he sets his sights on you. Personal bias aside, he is pretty hard to resist.

4.) Shoes are very exciting and blue is very exciting. Thus, blue shoes ("BLUE SHOES!!!") are one of the most exciting things EVER. My boys line up when it's time to put on the blue shoes.

5.) This is what a Gamma's love looks like, everyone.

6.) Bebo is a term from The Belly Button Book, which I highly recommend if you have a toddler that is semi-obsessed with his belly button. Nate prefers "Button!" so we call it that too. Nate loves buttons of any kind – buttons on clothing, buttons on electronics and so forth – if it's round and can be pressed, Nate is there. Which is why it seems so fitting that he should not only be blessed with one of the most impressive outies to ever grace planet Earth, but a Touching Finger to go with it (truly a match made in Heaven).

7.) Tricks of the camera indeed. Seth looks like he's got a round little tummy in these pics. Nate almost looks like he needs a sandwich by comparison. Height/weight stats are coming, but rest assured if you are organizing a sandwich drive Seth is still your poster boy.

- L.

*If you are local, then you already know we are having amazing fall weather and swim trunks and Splashpads would not be out of line right now. However, when I started writing this post the weather was very typically fall in Ontario – sunny, but way too chilly for chillin' at the Pahk half nakey.

**Gamma Rita won this round and is officially known as Gamma once again. Personally, I thought Gabba-Ga was kind of catchy.

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