Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

No tricks, just treats*. Please enjoy responsibly**. 

– Happy Hallowe'en everyone. Is me, Nate. I is engineer 'dis year except Mommy forget the train so I is either hitching a ride here or just looking cool and making gesture like the Fonz

– I hope you pick the latter everyone since you should know by now I is cool dude when it comes to 'dis Hallowe'en business. I is off now to find new ride. 

– And I find it. 

– I think about saying "All aboard!" but 'dis train only seat one and I think I is OK with that. 

• • • • • • •

– Oh hi everyone, and Happy Hallowe'en! Is me, Seth. I is also engineer this year and I is also at park. Everyone know the cuties hang out at the park so this why I here wearing 'dis getup. At first I just stand here and pose with pumpkin and wait for cuties to show up, but then I start to feel a bit silly. I start to think maybe Mommy bring us to dud park. 

– I look this way, but there is no cuties. 

– Then I look this way, but there is still no cuties. 

– That Mommy! What kind of park is 'dis, everyone? 

– I is just going to pretend cuties is looking anyway before I says farewell, because when it come to the cuties... 

– ..."have pumpkins, will travel" is what I say. Wherever you is cuties, I is going to find you. You has been warned.

• • • • • • •

*Our Hallowe'en photo shoot was generously provided by our very good friend Padrin last weekend for the whopping price of a home-cooked meal. As you may already know Padrin wields a mean camera, but after our day at the park I'd like to add that he is also a pro at helping to wrangle wayward toddlers with very different agendas.

While still taking pictures.

I definitely owe him a few more dinners.

**When I saw these pics for the first time I got more than a little watery about the eyes. Padrin, you captured everything that is physically beautiful about my babies so perfectly.

To everyone else, I realize this is an overload of cute.

It just is.

And if it is too much in one go, it's OK to take a breather.

Of course, if you're still hanging in there somehow there is one more picture and it's a treat that hasn't been seen around these parts since my babies learned how to walk.

The elusive twin pic where everyone is reasonably in focus and in the same frame at the same time: 

That Padrin, he is good.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!

- L.

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  1. Happy Hallowe'en Nate and Seth,

    Kudos to Padrin for wonderful pictures of you two little trainmen.

    With love and our very best wishes for a fun-filled trick or treating tonight,

    Grandpa David and Grandma Leslie XXXOOO