Saturday, October 15, 2011

Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

A few nights ago – somewhere between supper and dessert – I turned around and saw this: 

– Oh my, everyone! What happen here? 'Dis totally unexpected.

– I sure hope the cuties isn't looking.
They probably find this irresistible and then what would I do?

It was a little bewildering, but cute. I stopped rinsing plates and took a picture. Seth seemed very pleased with himself.

I should have known it wasn't an accident right there.

Because the very next night – during the same dinner to dessert transition – I turned around and saw this: 

– Oh, look. It happen again somehow. I has nothing to do with 'dis
everyone! Is really big mystery how 'dis keeps happening.

– But if the cuties is still looking... they is mine.

I know the look on Seth's face in the last picture very well. I see it often. It's the look of shenanigans afoot.

The cuties don't stand a chance.

– L.

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