Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spare Oom

Our new home is still a work in progress, but we're getting there. We moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom so I could once again have an office* which meant also moving to a more affordable part of the city. As an added bonus, there is an enclosed front porch with electric (which I'm hoping will see us through the winter months). Our new landlord suggested using it as a playroom and even though I wasn't entirely convinced before we moved in, it became clear a downstairs play-space that is not the living room** was actually a great suggestion.

The playroom was completed on Monday and by incredible coincidence, some cute new one-piece PJs showed up for the boys the next day. It would have been impossible not to pull my camera out this morning and take a few pics of both.

The boys love their new room, but trying to get a picture of either one of them looking at the camera was proving impossible: 

So I asked them if they could "make silly faces" and they were happy to oblige:

I might not be able to get smiles on cue, but I can always count on silly faces!

They were also happy to model their cute new baggy PJ bums: 

OK, not really. They were just sussing out the side window for possibilities.

- L.

*This was really not the reason we moved, but it was a strong consideration since we were moving anyway. Mostly anyone who reads this blog knows why we moved. If you don't already know and are curious, I would be happy to steer you in the direction of another blog that explains it all quite well. Most of it wasn't appropriate for this blog, but if you are wondering why I'd go to the trouble to move with twin boys twice in the span of 2 years, I can answer that question. Send us a message if you have our email or drop us a comment with an email address and I'll send you a link.

**Oh boy, is this ever a story for another day (but it's coming).

PS. No one was willing to pose by their play-kitchen which is also in Spare Oom, in case things look a tad austere. They were however, happy to show off their new "trumpets" (courtesy of Gamma Rita):

They are quite literally attempting to "blow down the walls of Jericho".
Jericho never would have stood a chance with these two,
but thanks all the same Gamma Rita.
PPS. We bought 2 bean-bag chairs for Spare Oom since a proper table and chairs seemed like too much of a recipe for disaster. I love the chairs and the boys think they're OK, but in terms of safety I'm not sure I did a better job of it in the end.

I took these pics right before my boys started using the bean-bags to commit a multitude of potentially life-ending scenarios (and I'm pretty sure you can see the gears turning loudly in both):

If not, I have a couple of junior product-testers I'd like to rent out. 

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  1. Dear L,

    I hope you are well and wonderful and I someday again show up in a tshirt that the boys will announce the colour of upon arrival. (Well, Nate would.)

    All the best to you and your mini team in the new home!

    "The Football"