Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Warning

A warning from the OP: if you possess fur or feathers Nate is going to love you.

"Here I am - ready to love you!"

Relentlessly and without mercy.*

"You are enjoying this, yes? Because I love you. My thumbs digging into
your breastbone are a sign of my devotion. Let's run away together."

- L.

PS. My boys couldn't be more different when it comes to animals. Nate chases squirrels and birds hoping to catch one to "love". Seth on the other hand is extremely wary and often asks "is that going to eat me?" first. 3 and a half is a wonderfully imaginative time, but it's also fraught with a good deal of imaginary danger.

One of my favourite Seth-isms on seeing a man holding a wee Pomeranian:

"Is that man holding the dog so it won't eat me?"

*We all have our kryptonite. Nate comes unglued at the sight of wasps. He's never been stung. Fur and feathers = good. Insects are generally good, worms are fun and so far no one has inherited my fear of spiders.

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