Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Tale Of Two Parties: Part II

This was the boys' first big "friends party" and they were super excited about it. It was also the party with the fancy Spiderman bakery cake that everyone forgot to take a picture of. Ah well, it had light-up eyes and was pretty cool. The boys each got a piece with their name on it, which prompted one of the other kids to ask why they all didn't have pieces with their names on them.

Make a wish boys!

Seth still looks like he's busy wishing. I think I found out what he was wishing for the weekend following, but that's another story.

Again, no pictures with presents even though there were indeed gifts because the unwrapping all happened too fast once again, but at least there are a few pics before the party got too wild*.

Nate's birthday wish was that the little girl in this picture would show up to his party. He fell in love with the charming Miss E. the first week of school and has already let her know he's going to marry her when they grow up.

He's also been known to sneak her love notes on occasion (she's in Seth's classroom – and no, Seth didn't help).

She seemed fairly happy to be invited actually and picked a special dress for the occasion, which she was quite happy to show off. She is a very sweet little girl and I can see why Nate is smitten.


I'm pretty sure he wants to eat her right up in this picture. Cute couple, yes?

- L.

*Just kidding. Eight kids was surprisingly civilized with the exception of the boys with their presents (we have to work on that). I'd do it again.

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  1. All pictures are enjoyable - both for first and second birthday (tooooo many birthdays)! I thought there was a second girl at the party - I hope poor E. wasn't the only girl although I don't think Nate minded one bit - she's fairly gushing and he's quite enjoying it. What a party - wish I was there. Love and hugs Gamma Rita