Sunday, February 1, 2015

8:54 AM

For Seth, my last:

Five years ago at this exact time you were born.

You are a little fickle about favourite numbers and colours and change them regularly, but you still mostly like blue and orange (and sometimes red, and green or maybe purple).

At age 5, you still like exactness, rules and "onstructions". Your favourite toy is still Lego. If the house was on fire and I could only save one toy for you it would have to be all the "Legos" (although I might die trying). You love to spend time by yourself just building (when you can manage to get away from your brother for a few minutes). It's a joy to see the things you create.

You also love to draw. As you once told someone, "I've never had a problem with drawing" and that's turned out to be very true. You have a real talent there that can't be taught. It just is what you were blessed with, and you are wonderful at it.

When you grow up you want to be an "onstruction worker". I used to joke that you would be my tugboat captain because you were so headstrong, but I could see you taking a real interest in engineering or architecture when you are grown up.

You still love planets and space, and prefer being called "Boogee" most of the time. You continue to be a force to be reckoned with and sometimes tell me you need time to "do some thinking", which is about the time anyone within earshot could hear your gears turning if they were listening.

You have a certain savoir-faire quality about you, and are a master at a good comeback. You are diligent, an excellent helper, and protector of your brother always (except when you are wrestling with him and then I suppose all bets are off). You hold your own very well. You still laugh at your own jokes like nothing else.

You are a thinker and a creator of things. You like climbing and wrestling almost as much as your brother, but you also like your time alone.

This is just a little bit about you at five. I hope you have the happiest of happy birthdays today, Seth.

All my love,


  1. Happy Birthday, Boogee! I love you more than words can describe and look forward to sharing this wonderful day with you.


  2. Happy Birthday sweet Seth - I am so privileged to be your Gamma and get to know you as I do. You stole my heart right from the first time I saw you when you curled up in my arms and fit like a little puzzle piece. You are growing into a very tender hearted little boy and have a sweet disposition. Much love and kisses, Gamma Rita

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Seth - you are truly getting more handsome every year - how can the girls resist you. I've heard you also have an "eye" for them! Lots of love and blessings, Great Auntie E.

  4. Happy birthday, Seth. I love the way you want to share all your different Lego constructions with me and how you always notice fallen trees or other hard to spot trail markers to help us find the best path on our nature walks . Your kind heart helped you to find me the best walking stick ever! It makes me so happy to spend time with you and to hear your latest riddles or jokes while we are playing or having lunch or dinner together. Thank you for sharing your extra special birthday lunch with me and Grandpa David. With lots and lots of love, Grandma Leslie