Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

We had a fun time this year trying to make the house even spookier than last year.

The boys loved the "MAAAD!" pumpkin, but I favored the friendly ones personally.

And last but not least, the crow who got left out last year due to overly windy weather:

I made the mistake a few years back of baking goodies the day before Hallowe'en night – needless to say they got sidelined pretty quickly by the candy – so this year I wised up and made cupcakes well in advance of the big day. Again, the "MAAAD!" faced ones were the most popular.

A quick picture last night before heading out:

I had to promise to take just one so we could get going right away! They made a great Harry Potter and Ron Weasley for another year running, but I'll have to think up something new for next year. Great costumes though if you know anyone in the market for a costume duo.

And of course, the candy:

All the candy! We ended up hauling in more than we handed out, but at least 90% of everything was what the boys collected. Yikes.

This week was also "Spirit Week" at school with some daily fun activities like "Wear Your Pajamas To School Day" (no picture, but the boys did go in their jammies with a stuffed animal and some slippers), "Crazy Hats and Socks Day" (I managed to sneak in a quick pic while they were watching morning cartoons), and a Hallowe'en dance the same night, which we attended (I revisited their engineer costumes with the hats, bandanas and gloves paired with some work-type clothes but didn't have time to grab a picture).

This is Nate after the dance with his glow sticks and sporting one of Daddy's wigs:

He looks a little aglow himself by this point. Hard to believe he was sleeping hard 20 minutes after I took that photo.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!

- L.


  1. Happy Halloween! Your boys (and the house!) Looked awesome!

  2. Thanks Erb. Somehow the house (in pictures) did look spookier last year (I looked), but in person was much, much scarier this year. The crow really sold it. Ha!

  3. Good morning,

    It's too late to wish everyone there a Happy Hallowe'en but I do want to wish all of you a Happy November 7, 2015!

    Nate, I think you look fantastic as Harry Potter, and, Seth, you are a superb Ron Weasley!

    No doubt about it, your Crazy Hats and Socks are hilarious:) I hope you had fun that day and on Wearing Your Pajamas To School Day as well. That must have been a very crazy kind of day. Did your teachers and the principal wear their pajamas, too?

    I think you look amazing in Daddy's wig with the glow sticks, Nate.

    Your mad and friendly pumpkin cupcakes look so yummy, Lisa, and the way all of you decorated your house is really spooktacular!

    I hope you are enjoying all the treats you collected and are sharing some with Mommy, Nate and Seth.

    Won't it be fun to look forward to another great Hallowe'en celebration next year!

    Sending oodles of love and happy wishes,

    Grandma Leslie