Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Everyone!

Yum! Rocks!

Thanks to Gamma Rita who sent along some very convincing chocolate "rocks" in a recent care package, my April Fools joke on the boys pretty much scripted itself.

The day before I pranked them, M. and I had a conversation about recent studies proving the nutritional value of eating rocks – iron! calcium! MINERALS!!! – and once we got the boys' attention ("People eat rocks? Really?!?") we showed them this totally legit video from a bad reality show. M. went further and said he was going to try some rocks for a snack later and would let us know how it went. Of course it was a school day, so I had limited time to work with by the time morning rolled around but I did manage to serve up a small bowl of rocks that I "happened to find in the backyard" with breakfast this morning.

There is a video here where the boys claim that they weren't fooled, but I'm 100% sure that was a put on for the camera. Before I took the video they seemed pretty convinced and very reluctant to try them, so I'm going to call this years prank a win.

Happy April Fools everyone. Until next year...

- L.

P.S. Last year I fooled the boys and later M. by telling them there was a festival of hot air balloons flying over downtown Toronto.

M. was harder to fool since he was on guard, but a little Photoshop convinced him it might be legit and he stood outside not once, but twice looking around for the mysterious balloons until he figured it out. Ah, good times.

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