Friday, April 1, 2016

Perhaps They Aren't Hooligans ALL The Time...

Every month at school the students are allocated a character building trait and the students in each classroom that best emulate that month's trait are honored at assembly with an award. Seth won for "Respect" last September and Nate won the honors for March for demonstrating "Honesty".

There is a video of Nate and a classmate accepting their awards last Wednesday here. No video of Seth's big moment, but there are pictures of both boys and their awards at least.

Nate's award reads: "This award is presented to Nate for showing honesty. He is always honest with his teachers and friends by telling the truth."
Seth's award reads: "This award is presented to Seth for showing respect by speaking politely and kindly waiting his turn."

I am so proud of both of them and their achievements, but mostly it's good to know that they show well in public.

- L.

P.S. Why yes, that is the lovely Miss E. sitting behind Nate at assembly. He must have been doubly thrilled that day since they aren't in the same classroom, and as such encounters like this one are entirely left to chance.

P.P.S. Seen in the gymnasium at assembly. The hoop is regulation height so not sure who could dangle from up that high, but someone must have hence the warning. Kids!

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