Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Everyone!

Here are various pics taken over the past week getting ready for Easter and out enjoying the beautiful sunny weekend. Happy Easter to all!

Our Dollar Store "Easter House" that we put together earlier in the week.

Our Dollar Store Easter wreath. A bit spindly, but it cost $1.25 so there's that.

Easter egg dye kit!

We have messed this up so many times over the years it's become a joke, as seen here and here (#6).

This year we finally got it right – yay!

Easter morning with our Easter "baskets". The boys decided the Easter Bunny must be real and NOT Mommy, because how would I get to the store at night when everyone is sleeping? That is some excellent logic so I didn't argue.

Our Easter bunnies that we named "Snuffles" (awhhh!) and "Snot" (poor thing).

Fun with Easter straw!

Seth with his green "mohawk" and still sleepy eyes.

The children's choir at church. The video of them singing is here.

On our way home Seth decided he was a statue and wanted a picture.

The weather was nice enough once we got home to take a quick shot outside sans jackets.

While we were out the Easter Bunny paid us a second visit and hid Easter eggs all over the house filled with chocolates.

Just in case there were any lingering doubts that Mommy might be the Easter Bunny, I'm pretty sure this added another layer (or five) to the mystery. You could practically see the gears turning while they tried to figure it out. Ah, maybe next year.

- L.

P.S. These pictures were from the park yesterday after I persuaded the boys to take me out for a walk. The phrase, "Let's be dangerous!" lives on, some of which I had to put the camera away for since it was starting to look a little too dangerous. Even "Cannonball!" was not without it's injuries – and there's video proof here.

Seth's restaurant. Some things never change.

We've mastered the monkey bars finally.

"Cannonball!" on the slide is still a work in progress however. Again, there is video here.

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  1. Lots of lovely pictures for Gamma Rita to enjoy - but I have a bone to pick with Seth. Where is your Humpty Dumpty sweater that Gamma worked so hard to make for you - are you going to be like the little boy who didn't like the truly, terribly, horribly, ugly sweater that his Gamma made for him. No matter, I love you anyway and you look great in the blue pullover you had on - you guys sang wonderfully too even if you're a little out of focus (well, maybe more than a little). Lots of hugs and kisses, Gamma Rita