Friday, March 4, 2016

The Best Little Boy(s) In Canada

An article titled The Best Little Boy In America followed me home one day and the boys were very interested in what made that little boy so special. Turns out that that boy takes his mommy out on a date once a month with his own pocket money! Wow, right? What a sweetheart.

This of course led to questions about what is a date exactly and how much does a date cost, etc. In the end Seth and Nate decided they would each like their own dates with me and M. They also decided we should pay (smart kids) so maybe they won't have an article written about them any time soon, but a good time was had by all.

Seth had some pocket money he wanted to spend even if it wasn't on me. We ended up browsing at Chapters/Indigo for some new reads and a Lego kit, having lunch out at Pickle Barrel and taking a quick (but pricey) trip to Sugar Mountain. In exchange for costing me a small fortune, Seth opened doors for me and pulled out my chair at lunch. Top points for being a gentleman and knowing how to treat a Mommy on a date and it was lots of fun. It's not every day I get either of my boys for some one on one time after all. Definitely a 10/10 and I would do it again once my bank account recovers. No pics unfortunately, but maybe next time?

Nate and I ended up on our date a few weekends later. He thought Seth's date sounded like so much fun he wanted to do the exact same thing (of course). Money aside, we were still overloaded with candy from the last trip so I told him our date was a surprise. It started off with a ride on the subway to the end of the line, which is already exciting when you are 6 years old and going somewhere your brother has never been before. We also had lunch out but at a more affordable red and yellow place where the meals are happy and the cost is reasonable. It was also very close to our destination which was a place neither of the boys had been before.

Ta da! We went bowling. It was a hoot - we managed three games in a little over an hour. Nate was quite good and I wasn't too shabby for someone who hasn't bowled in probably 35 years. On the way home we stopped for a Super Berry smoothie at the DQ and met up with everyone back at home. The bragging rights alone made this date a hit, but also it was really fun and I would definitely do it again.

- L.

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