Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Let's Be Dangerous!"

It's the last day of March break and we spent it similar to the first day – with a lunch out and some time at a park. The weather was sunny, but definitely colder than last weekend. There is a playground we spent most of our time at. Nate gives a demonstration on being a helicopter on the swings, because why use a swing for swinging when you can use it for being a helicopter? There is a video of that here.

"Look out" sounds about right.

"Lights! Camera! Action! I'm a helicopter everyone!"
"Let's be dangerous!"
"Danger is our middle names!"

On the way out of the park, we passed the bike/skateboard park which was empty today. The boys thought that was too good to pass up and scurried around playing a new game called Let's Be Dangerous! followed by running up the ramps and yelling, "Dangerous!" and then giggling. Mommy was not overly amused, but since I wasn't about to run up the slippery ramps after them I took a few quick pictures instead before I killed the party.

- L.

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