Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Tale of Two Parties

As usual, we did the at-home party on the boys' birthday and threw a party for school friends today. Instead of 8 kids like last year, there was 13 so lots of hooligans! The theme this year was Mario. All the adults that attended are exhausted – M. kept saying to the boys that they must be tired after things wound down but indeed they are not tired. Sugar is the energy that fuels their little furnaces at this age. The family party was a little more subdued:

In case you were wondering, Seth really was pretty intense about those cupcakes!

Today's party was... less subdued (at least I remembered to take a picture of the cake this year though):
The frosting gave them so much energy.

Nate's one true love...

... who gave him the best present of all.

The moustaches were popular.

Even with the girls! Work it, little Miss Thang!
The last three standing during a game of "Freeze Dance". The competition was fierce.

Check out those moves!
And a little family resemblance!

In the end, Miss Thang took the cake. Literally. To herself on purpose.
Seriously, what WAS in that frosting?!?

- L.

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