Friday, February 8, 2013

Missing Gamma Rita

Dear Gamma Rita,

We miss you:

We are sad that you had to go home:

Really sad even*:

And remember that snow storm we joked about on the phone last night and said it would never happen?

It happened:

I dug us out as far as the steps and then gave up. We're not going anywhere, but I missed having someone here that could put up a bit of a fight over who would get to escape to shovel the snow.

Did I mention we had some laughs after all the sadness? We did. Mostly poop jokes and fart jokes and pee jokes, but still... good times.

We also watched our first DVDs today. I went with the Grinch and Frosty even though it's February. The boys "loiked" them both and asked me 5000 times today what the "grils" names were and I had to say "Keeran" and "Cindy Lou Who" 5000 times in reply. The 44 minutes of non-consecutive silence while we watched them was hard won as it turned out.

"The More We Get Together The Happier We'll Pee" and "Happy Birthday To Poop" are rocketing their way up the Top 10 list over here even as I type this.

Also, I stepped in poop today which definitely added to the hilarity.

I took a video tonight with you in mind because I know how much you must be missing us also. You can tell I've had a good day in it because I can't stop laughing.

My only question is how did you manage to leave all this behind?

- L.

*Nate got his eyelashes stuck under his eyelid today while I thought he was just being his regular theatrical self and quite possibly while I was taking this picture. Really, just a fun day all around. So... when should we expect you back again? I suddenly want to pencil it on my calendar for no particular reason.

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