Saturday, February 9, 2013

Missing Grandma Leslie & Grandpa David Too

Please know that you are both missed also. Despite the hurricane that is Gamma Rita there have been some rumblings along the way... 

"I don't know where is Grandma Leslie or Grandpa David."
"I think Grandpa David is playing cars... or maybe running around."
"Maybe Grandma Leslie read us a story soon."

The boys are sporting their new Christmas turtlenecks today. Seth is floating around some, but Nate fit into his rather well. The difference around the neck opening made me laugh:


They woke up this morning and asked me about the "black box" within the first 5 minutes. I had to think about what the black box might be and then realized they meant the TV. The promise of the "black box" was how I managed to bribe them into sitting still enough to take a few pictures.

Of course, sitting still is relative: 

Except when the "black box" turns you into a zombie:

This is everyone's not impressed look. Mad zombie, sad zombie...
these are not happy campers.

We briefly auditioned a couple of DVDs today, but after 15-odd minutes they decided they "didn't loike it" and got on with being regular hooligans again. I think we are over TV for now and I'm not sure how I feel about that to be honest. 

In the meantime...

Grandpa David: I think it's time to put down those cars and stop running around. Or maybe come play with your cars and run around over here? Either way, the visual on this one made me laugh.

Grandma Leslie: please make sure your library card is in good working order and your reading voice too.

I think the boys just tagged you both in.

- L.

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  1. Good morning Nate and Seth,

    Thank you for your messages to Grandpa David and me. It is so much fun being tagged in by you.

    By the way, we are missing you a lot, too.

    Yesterday Grandpa David and I came back home on a big plane from a visit to a place close to a big ocean. We walked along a beach beside the ocean and collected lots of different seashells which we would love to share with you the next time we see you.

    Grandpa David even found a starfish!

    It is so good to see that you are wearing your new turtle necks. Do they keep your necks nice and warm?

    Like our friend George, the little monkey, I am curious. Why do you think that they are called "turtle necks"?

    Grandpa David would just love to stop "running around" and sit down for a while to play cars and maybe make some words with you, too.

    Maybe some day soon, we can read together some good stories from my storybook bag.

    Have lots of fun today!I hope you find some DVDS that you "loike".

    Sending oodles of hugs and kisses to you,

    Grandma Leslie :)

    randpa David even found a