Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daddy's Belt

I built my first MatchBox® car track today. Maybe this doesn't seem like a huge accomplishment but I didn't grow up with this particular toy and the instructions weren't the greatest so it felt like a personal achievement when it actually worked.

More importantly*, my boys found new ways to make the track pieces awesome interesting.

Seth was so beyond thrilled when he made "Daddy's belt" that I had to take a picture:

– This is just like Daddy's belt everyone!**

Then he made one for his brother which really was awesome, as well as being a big hit (despite appearances). Nate insisted I take a picture so here it is:

- L.

*And by more importantly, I mean to my boys. I still feel like super-mom for building that track.

**Note to Daddy: please consider replacing your bright orange plastic MatchBox® belt with something more tasteful.

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