Sunday, March 3, 2013


For the past week we've all been sick with sniffles and sore throats. Nate's illness turned into a throat infection a few days ago and while he's slowly on the mend, Seth appears to be on the decline. Mommy is somewhere in-between, but mostly just exhausted after one too many middle-of-the-night wake ups tending to sick boys.

My current critical patient taking an unexpected siesta while "watching" Raffi this morning: 

And 10 minutes later he looked like this: 

Pitiful, but so cute I had to go in for a close-up:


Of course that wasn't my only opportunity today as it turned out. Seth between dinner and dessert tonight: 

And a few minutes later he looked like this: 

– Zzzzz...

He did wake up for dessert though.

Should be an interesting night!

- L.

PS. Following this post – and through much trial and error and "don't like it!" – I found a couple of DVDs that were a hit with my boys and that they now watch quite willingly which makes for a nice break for all of us. Raffi in Concert and Little Bear were the last two DVDs in my arsenal and it turned out they love them both.


  1. I love Little Bear!

    I hope your "Little Bears" are on the mend, quickly <3

  2. Poor buddies and poor mama!!! Have you seen "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"? It is a cartoon made off the characters, world and philosophies of Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers). It is downloadable on iTunes. I love the lessons it teaches, and little songs simple enough to memorize the first go which help preschoolers handle difficult situations (like sharing, doctor, anger, etc).

    Anyway, my kids don't sit for much TV, but that seems to be a big hit here. And I love Fred Rogers. <3