Friday, March 29, 2013

Second Verse Same As The First

The verse:

S: I think we can wait. Yes.
N: Or maybe not.
S: Or maybe we can!
N: Maybe...
S: I guess we'll see!
N: We WILL see.
S: Or not.
N: Or... we could.
S: We could!
N: Maybe.
N: I guess we'll see.
S: Yes.

The chorus:

N and S: Mommy! Mommy! MOMM-EEEEEEEE!

- L.

PS. The picture has nothing to do with this post really other than that my boys like to stand on that box in the kitchen at night and sing songs (real ones) while I listen and applaud. I got them to stand still by asking Seth what song he was going to sing next and if he could hold his brother's hand at the same time which is why he looks a bit puzzled but it worked.

PPS. This picture is several weeks old and in-between everyone being sick and getting sick again. Songs are not the same if you don't do it nakey so I might be waiting awhile for an encore. The conversation was from today, but it's pretty standard fare. I should try to get it on video one of these days. I guess maybe I could do that. 


I could.

We'll see.

- L.

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