Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

We might be sporting last year's St. Paddy's T-shirts...


And I'm very sorry Gamma Rita, but try as I might I couldn't get anyone to sit still for a close-up of the ones that simply said "Happy St. Patrick's Day".

Unless you count the slightly out of focus one where Nate decided to do his best James Dean: 

We also tried out some St. Paddy's Day crafts. There were two that involved paint - and we never got around to the rest because... paint. 

The first one was a bell pepper shamrock. Nice, but the novelty wore off fast.

The second was a thumbprint shamrock (it's up there in the left-hand corner, I swear!). Also nice, but one was enough. 

After that the boys just wanted to paint, so that's what we did. 

"Bugs" by Nate.
"Untitled"* by Seth.

And it must have been my lucky day because while I was cleaning up the mess everyone else made a very civilized "parking lot" in the hallway, complete with spaces in between "so the people can get out". 

The weather was nice so we even got outside and had a bit of a run around.

It's been awhile since either of my boys have been able to use their Nickel Fortress so it was very popular (today at least!). 

I had to trick Seth into sitting still for a photo by pretending I wasn't taking his picture. I guess it worked. 

And if wouldn't be a proper St. Patrick's Day without a gross green dessert. I refined things a little this year and also set some regular non-green pudding aside for myself, but it was still a hit: 

Hope you all had a great one too!

– L.

*This picture does in fact have a title, but I've left it untitled for now because that is a separate post for another time. If you can figure out what it is in the meantime, I'll give you a nickel towards your own fortress.

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