Tuesday, March 5, 2013

At Least One Of Us Is Feeling Better

– I'm baaaack...

Nate is looking pretty feisty, no? 

Of course, my second clue that a full recovery was more or less imminent was this look: 

Eyes up and to the right are Nate's "tell" when he's about to get up to no good... and this would be his look when you bust him at it: 

– It's hard to stay mad at this face, everyone!

Seth on the other hand is pretty much always up to something: 

But he does get an extra twinkle in his eye when it's about to be something especially good:


I wonder what it could be... 

- L.

PS. Seth thought I was distracted taking a picture of Nate in that last shot and was taking advantage to mess about with Mommy's fan (strictly off-limits by the way). The sneaky look on his face is priceless.

PPS. My room is generally off limits to my boys since it's also my office and there are way too many things for them to get into in here, but after a week of bad weather, illness and everyone suffering from cabin fever all bets were off. When my sons said they wanted to play "sleeping in Mommy's bed" I thought that sounded like a fine idea – and for the most part they stayed there too.

I wish they'd come up with games like this one more often!

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  1. Well, I certainly loike this post better than the last one where they were all sickly looking. So happy to see those mischievious looking faces again rather than the other kind - prayer helps and goodness knows, Gamma Rita was at it tooth and nail! Lots lof luv, hugs and kisses, G.R.