Wednesday, September 4, 2013


When Gamma Rita came to visit us this past summer I really needed some help. I was pretty busy packing boxes and coordinating a big move. In fact, I was off signing the lease when Gamma Rita "Archie Bunker'd" me, except instead of taking the boys out to get baptized she went and got them some haircuts.

When I got home she said, "You're probably going to get mad, but I took the boys to get a haircut today and it's really short. Maybe they look a little bald - it's very short. You'll see in the morning."

I didn't have time at the time to get mad because "Mommy was pooped" and also they looked really handsome when I got to see them the next day. We took some pictures once I'd wiped the sleep out of my eyes.

At ease soldier!

The truth is Seth looks good bald and he's got hair that is easy to manage, but I'd been growing out Nate's hair for a reason. We're about halfway there now.

They looked so handsome yesterday after a visit to see Mike the Barber with Daddy. I took some pics this morning:

- L.

PS. No more haircut ambushes, OK Gamma Rita?

PPS. I dressed them in the same outfits today on purpose.


  1. Cute they may be but I think you need to take a poll - I vote for the first haircut Mike gave them - much cuter. Gamma Rita loves you no matter how short your hair is but better short than long. Love and hugs, Gamma Rita. P.S. - Great Auntie Eileen is remaining silent on the vote but I suspect she's for the first haircut too.

  2. The last cuts *were* cute - nice and light for the summer. Still, Gamma Rita, I'm *not* inclined to remain silent on this one: I'm voting for the new styles this round :) They are distinct, nicely compliment their natures, and they enjoy them. The real question that looms is what Boogie and Sandy are going to pick when the time comes...that will be interesting!

    - M.

  3. I think we should go with "mommy knows best" - now I am curious about what you have in mind for Nate's longer hair !! --