Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fix It!

There are occasions as a Mommy where I have been called upon to "fix it!".

"Fix it!" was, in fact, Seth's first sentence.

It's a popular term around here. Sometimes it's because something is actually broken, but more often than not (at least so far), it applies mainly to things that aren't as they should be.

Legos that they can't get apart. A shoe that has fallen off. A letter in the bath that doesn't stick quite right.

Easy things to fix and my boys are always amazed that "Mommy fix it!".

On those occasions, I get to be a super-hero with hardly a thought.

Of course it all comes out in the wash because there are those times when I really have to work for it.

I think it goes without saying that today was one of those times. Stuck legos do not make for good copy after all.

This is Teddy:

Specifically, this is Nate's Teddy, but Seth has a nearly identical one. Both of my boys go through bouts of love coupled with complete disinterest over Teddy. 95% of the time, that fleeting love is contained to brief morning snuggles while they're still struggling to wake up. The other 5% of the time, they prefer Teddy to come with when I lift them out of bed. 

Today was a "Teddy!" day for everyone. 95% or 5%, my boys are always 100% in sync that way.

There wasn't much going on at this point since we'd only just gotten up so I was a bit surprised to hear those two little words. But there they were:

"Fix it!".

And there was Nate, clutching his Teddy with a lower lip that was looking more than a little trembly.

Being the super-hero Mommy that I am, I looked Teddy over carefully and finally said, "Teddy's OK, Nate. There's nothing to fix". 

At which point Nate dissolved into a puddle of misery on the floor. 

Oh dear.

Had I missed something? I checked again, but Teddy was perfectly in order. Again, I reassured Nate that Teddy was OK but he was not having it.

What was I not seeing?

Since I already know the answer, I will start by telling you that I was not seeing with eyes that are nearly 22 months old.

Teddy looked perfectly fine to me exactly like this: 

But it took this to "fix" him: 

As soon as Teddy was sitting as upright outside the crib as he typically does inside the crib all was right with the world again.

At which point Teddy was promptly ignored and once again, it was business as usual.

Really, it was that simple – while at the same time being complicated enough it took at least 10 minutes and more than a few Nate puddles for me to solve the problem.

Behold the toddler logics everyone!

- L.

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