Thursday, November 10, 2011

Raisin Eyes

Despite what it looks like, my babies did not simultaneously come down with a splitting migraine. 

This is the new meal-time fun everyone!

Step 1: Acquire raisins. If you can't find raisins on your own, ask your Mommy. If she's worth her salt, she probably has some.

Step 2: Hold them up in front of your eyes and/or mash the raisins into your eyes.

Step 3: Declare to the world that you have "raisin eyes!".

***Bonus points***: If there's a camera rolling at any point, do your best Michigan J. Frog impression.

• • • • • • •

Mommy note: Michigan J. Frog aside, there actually IS a video but by the time I managed to capture "raisin eyes" the boys had mostly moved on to "cookie eyes" – although if you're quick there's a brief "raisin eyes" moment at the very beginning. The dab of melted chocolate under Seth's eye once they move on to the cookies adds a nice touch though.

- L.

PS. Raisin eyes. Cookie eyes. Whichever. I'm just glad they're not mashing stuff up their noses.



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