Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meet Gord.

Gord of course, is a gourd. 

Now meet Gord's friends:

Pun'kin, Pun'kin and, er... Pun'kin. Also sometimes known as "White!", "Orange!" and, er... "Orange!". If nothing else, we pride ourselves on our originality at the OP, everyone!

The Pun'kin trio* and Gord made their first appearance at our Hallowe'en photo shoot and while Gord was not an immediate favorite, he quickly grew into one in the days that followed.

Gord and his friends were nursery staples and regular tagalongs for the past couple of weeks while I silently prayed the novelty would wear off long before things started to get overly ripe.

Prayers were answered and Gord and the Pun'kin trio were composted without incident this morning while no one was looking.

Oh Gord, we will miss thee. Thank you for the many fond memories but mostly for not overstaying your welcome.

Know that you are forever in our hearts and will be remembered for generations to come thanks to our new YouTube™ video, complete with an introduction by Seth at the 2:40 mark.

*If you're the sort with a keen eye, you will have noticed that the Pun'kin Trio was originally a Quartet. Pun'kin #4 left the group during that fateful outing due to creative differences (which is another way of saying we somehow lost a pumpkin at the playground).

- L.

PS. I left our latest video unedited. It's basically 6 minutes of the boys putting together their new upper and lower case alphabet puzzle, complete with requisite chatter. I left it unedited mostly for me because I can, but I really do recommend checking out Gord's big intro. Both the pumpkins and Gord were added by Nate and Seth before they got down to business. They were pretty dedicated to their new friends at the time.

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