Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bananas On Your Head For The Win!

– Oh hi everyone! Is me, Seth. I here to announce my landslide victory in recent poll. I put together 'dis new hairstyle using lunchtime foods for big event. I also make Mommy put together exciting graph to show results: 

• • • • • • •

– In case you is not linear thinker, I also put Mommy to work on pie graph. As you can see I clean Mommy's clock in big debate so she not saying anything about my new coif. 

• • • • • • •

– I take a moment to bask in well-earned victory. 

– And give thumbs up to everyone who help me win it. Is nice to know so many of you believe in the "bananas on head" cause. It mean a lot. Keep up the good work everyone! 

• • • • • • •

Mommy note: This post would not be complete without a victory dance, however much like Michigan J. Frog, Seth does his best footwork when the camera is off. And unlike our last video which was epic in length, the victory dance portion of this post is our shortest video to date – a mere 8 seconds – but I did capture at least a little of Seth's infamous moves that Gamma Rita dubbed "the Bojangles" when she visited us last summer.

- L.

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