Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nicely Done, Grasshopper.

Legos*. They are popular at the OP, which is awesome because I never really got over my own childhood love affair with them and I will happily play with Legos anytime the boys are up for it.

Like today.

I was doing my usual thing with Legos this afternoon – building a perfectly sensible (albeit dull in retrospect) dwelling for Lego cat to hang out in. It was going pretty well I thought. I was already hard at work on the second story when I was politely interrupted.

And then schooled in a serious way.

Everything (and I mean everything) that is awesome about this structure is courtesy of Seth:  

I don't know about you, but if I was moving in I'd definitely be eyeballing those spaces on the upper levels (in-home cash register, anyone?). Admittedly, my favorite part is the roof-top green space. Eco-buildings and sustainability are not merely architectural buzzwords, they are good design everyone!

The architect at work putting on the finishing touches: 

I already composing white paper 'bout my process, everyone!
And enjoying a well-earned snack break: 

Is important to refuel from time to time.
Snacks also very important sustainability item too!
• • • • • • •

*While I recognize the plural of Lego is still Lego, we frequently throw caution to the wind over trivial linguistic conventionalities at the OP. Plus it's more fun to say "Legos".

- L.

PS. Er... about those flashcards lurking not so inconspicuously in the background... 

I wrote a post awhile back where I laid claim to the following:

"I'm not the mom with the flash-cards".

And I'm really not, except that I am. We have flash-cards. The flash-cards were a gift, but I don't mean that as an excuse.

I mean they really were a gift. As in a good one.

And when I made my bold claim what I really meant was: I'm not the mom drilling my kids with flash-cards.

My boys have tons of fun with their flash-cards – often in the form of scattering them about because we also pride ourselves on "messy" around these parts – but mostly looking at the pictures and "reading" their abba-bets (which are officially "abbets" now, but that is another post). I always know when someone has found the "E" card, because it is always and without exception followed with elephant noises. 

PPS. I do wish my guys had been a little less reserved in their big "elephant noises" debut last week. I'm guessing they were camera shy. Trust me when I say they can make elephant noises with the best of them.

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