Monday, November 14, 2011

Pink Food

In a household with two boys and a Mommy that isn't exactly wild about pink, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that pink was one of the last colors that the boys learned. Pink is in short supply around here.

And perhaps because it is hard to come by, the boys have especially delighted in the things they find around the house that are pink. Surprisingly, I find it delightful also.

Fish, on the other hand, has been a much tougher sell over here. Salmon gets a pass from Seth 50% of the time, but Nate has always been strictly in the no-fish camp (although to his credit, he will usually at least try it before spitting it out).

Until last week when I pointed out that salmon is pink.

Now they can't get enough of "Pink food! Pink food!".

We had salmon for supper tonight. Nate had 2 generous servings. Seth had 3. The constant chorus of "Pink food! Pink FOOOOOD!" bothered me not.

- L.

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