Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm With The 21%*

*Or thereabouts. 

I revisited this post to see just how many of you voted for what I would consider an inappropriate use of food at mealtime. I was looking specifically at this chart since it broke things down into tidy percentages:

I can make charts with the best of them, but I work with the numbers provided. The Blogger poll widget provided the numbers by the way, and I certainly didn't stop to question or double check them. I guess no one else noticed either so I don't feel too bad, but indeed: 

47% + 36% + 21% = 104%.

Nice maths, Blogger™.

So while I blame 83% of you for what transpired tonight, I am going to buffer that with a margin of error of 4% because I am generous like that.

Either way, I suspect the majority of you will fully endorse tonight's happenings.

So, you know... enjoy!

It started like this: 

And ended up with things that looked like this: 


I hope at least 32% of you are feeling pleased with yourselves right now and also that at least 43% of you are voluntarily using your leftovers in a similar fashion because you strongly feel it's the right thing to do.

And yes, I realize the poll was specifically about "Foodstuffs on Heads", but I don't believe for a moment you all didn't see this coming.

- L. 

PS. If you are still feeling militant about creative uses of leftovers and/or are a glutton for punishment and/or just like watching cute babies getting up to no good, there is a new video on our YouTube™ channel documenting the "creative uses of food" process.


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  1. Well, well, well - this blog is certain proof that it's time for REAL cups - Gamma Rita.